David Narimania: Common Taxes in Georgia is not a problem
28.10.09 | 00:45 1531
The introduction of common taxes for the foreign goods is an expected demand of EU and WTO;
As of new Constitutional Amendments Saakashvili may rule the country again
27.10.09 | 21:45 2477
Lia Mukhashavria , law scientist declared that according to the new constitutional amendments Mikhail Saakashvili rule again.
Nino Burjanadzes political movement Presented own National Security Concept
27.10.09 | 20:46 2591
Political movement of Nino Burjanadze presented the own National Security concept. The presentation was held in the hotel "Court Yard Marriott"
Patriarchy needs the debates over air of GPB
27.10.09 | 20:13 2252
Holly Father Mikhael Botkoveli, Secretary of Patriarch of all Georgia made a declaration in connection with the campaign against Patriarch
Zurab Nogaideli: Negotiations with Abkhazia and S.Ossetia are to be started immediately
27.10.09 | 18:18 2344
Zurab Nogaideli, leader of the movement "For United Georgia" in his interview with "Echo Moskvi" paid attention to the August war
Gabriela Hamsburg-Lotringen new Georgian Envoy to Germany
27.10.09 | 17:49 1145
Gabriela Hamsburg-Lotringen is to be appointed as new envoy to Germany. President suggested this candidature for Parliament.
Christian-Democrats demand EUMM to arrive to Pankisi
27.10.09 | 16:35 1684
Christian-Democrats demand the EUMM to arrive to Pankisi . Nika Laliashvili, representative of the Christian-Democrats said this today during the Parliamentary briefing.
Official bodies to regulate Tbilisi-Tel-Aviv Air flights
27.10.09 | 16:30 2632
Today on October 27 the Georgian delegation will depart to Israel to find some solution for Friday in connection with the flight schedule
EUMM concern over fact of kidnapping of 16 Georgians
27.10.09 | 13:43 1552
The EUMM is concerned over the recent incident with 16 Georgians which were kidnapped yesterday in Dusheti region.
Zurab Nogaideli to meet with Giorgi Karasin
27.10.09 | 12:35 1178
Zurab Nogaideli, leader of the movement "For United Georgia" being in Moscow will meet with Giorgi Karasin, Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia.
Ecuador to recognize S. Ossetia and Abkhazia in turn to Russian weapons
27.10.09 | 12:22 1526
Tomorrow on October 28 Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador will arrive to Moscow. The main reason of his visit is a deliberation for the supply of the Russian weapons to Ecuador
Paata Zakareishvili: Russia wishes to show that Georgia is not able to keep control over Pankisi
27.10.09 | 11:42 1834
Paata Zakareishvili, political scientist declared that the information about the worsening of the situation in Pankisi valley is disseminated by Russian Federation.
Mamuka Areshidze: Russia manipulates with Pankisi question in international community
26.10.09 | 23:30 1324
Mamuka Areshidze, expert in Caucasus issues declared that Russia is trying to manipulate with the Pankisi question in the international community. Mamuka Areshidze, expert in Caucasus issues declared that Russia is trying to manipulate with the Pankisi question in the international community.
Very next Parliamentary session to resume Gamsakhurdias MP mandate
26.10.09 | 22:28 1159
The very next Parliamentary session will resume the mandate of Konstantine Gamsakhurdia.
Shevardnadze is going to cooperate with commission for investigation of death of first President of Georgia
26.10.09 | 21:38 1271
Eduard Shevardnadze, ex President of Georgia agreed to cooperate with the temporary parliamentary commission for investigation of the death of Zviad Gamsakhurdia,
British Council Maps The Cultural Relationship between the UK and the South Caucasus
26.10.09 | 16:52 2187
On 27 October 2009 the British Council is organising a one-day conference on The Cultural Relationship between the UK and South Caucasus at Tbilisi Marriot.
Giorgi Targamadze: Pankisi Crisis Brewing
26.10.09 | 14:59 3488
The Pankisi crisis is brewing - Giorgi Targamadze, leader of Christian Democrats said today during the parliamentary briefing.
Russian President appointed envoys to secessionist regions
26.10.09 | 13:56 1403
Dimitry Medvediev appointed the envoys to secessionist regions - to Abkhazia and to so called S.Ossetia, GHN reports.
Nino Burjanadzes own cottage passed to state ownership
26.10.09 | 13:40 1324
Leader of democratic movement for United Georgia, Nino Burjanadze was deprived the property rights for the cottage in Tskhneti.
Georgia-US military training started
26.10.09 | 13:15 1635
Today on October 26 in the training center "Krtsanisi" the Georgia-US military training will start.

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