Lasha Tugushi does not think Georgian Press Freedom improved
21.10.09 | 14:05 7294
Lasha Tugushi, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Resonansi" does not agree with the report published by the international organization "Reporters without borders" indicating the increase of the Georgian Press Freedom index from 120 to 81 point this year.
Christian-Democrats Demanded to expel "Block -Georgia" from Georgia
21.10.09 | 13:21 1719
Christian-Democrats are demanding to expel the "Block-Georgia' from Georgia. George Targamadze, the party leader declared that the company did not fulfill any obligation before the government. "We are demanding to expel them because they did not fulfilled no any obligation. In fact the hospitality sector is in a very bad situation.
Maya Purtseladze: Press in Georgia in Difficult Situation
20.10.09 | 20:35 2613
Maya Purtseladze, founder of the newspaper "Verisa" and Editor in Chief of the same edition believes that the rating of the "Reporters without Borders" for Georgia's 81 position for the Press Freedom Index is unrealistic one.


Mamuka Glonti: Press Freedom Index is not real one
20.10.09 | 19:29 2578
Mamuka Glonti, General Director of TV Company "Maestro" in interview with news agency GHN declared that the Press Freedom Index published by the Reporters without Borders does not reflect the real situation in Georgia.
Glonti said that, to compare with the last year, the progress of Georgia in the rating is reflected only with the situation in connection with war and with the comparative analysis.
Alexander Vershbow: USA not to deploy missile shields in non NATO states
20.10.09 | 17:15 2524
The United States sees no reason to deploy elements of its missile shield in countries which are not members of NATO. This declaration made today by The U.S. assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, Alexander Vershbow during the joint briefing with Giga Bokeria, deputy foreign minister.
Giga Bokeria: Georgia’s right to effective defense system - legitimate
20.10.09 | 16:10 4338

According to Giga Bokeria, deputy foreign minister despite of the agreement about cease-fire, Georgia has a legitimate right to have an effective defense system, GHN reports.
"Georgia fulfilled the obligation under the cease-fire and we have a strong position in this respect, but at the same time Georgia has a right for the effective defense system,
OSCE mission restoration talks too early in Georgia
20.10.09 | 15:48 2488
By the declaration of official Tbilisi, it is too early now to talk about the restoration of OSCE mission in Georgia, Alexander Nalbandov, deputy foreign minister said after the political consultations with the Kazakh party, after the accomplishment of the next round of the negotiations.
USA to Help Georgia to Work out the military doctrine
20.10.09 | 14:48 2434

USA are going to help Georgia to work out the military doctrine, GHN reports.

The build up of the military doctrine, the military educaiton and the military trainigs - this is a subjects, which were
discussed today by US and Georigan sides during the session of governmental working group, in the State Office.

In Parliament the Question Hour to be Held this Week
20.10.09 | 00:24 2323

This week the Parliamentary Question hour will be held. The declaration about this event was announced during the bureau session by Mikhail Machavariani, vice-Spokesman, the GHN reports.

According to the regulations, the Parliamentary question hour is carried out in the last session Thursday of the month.

New wave of Privatization started
20.10.09 | 00:07 2709
The Georgian government will start the new wave of privatization. The Georgian government disseminated the Press Release today informing about this event.
Quantity of Georgian Armed Forces will be Unchangeable for the next year
19.10.09 | 18:38 2260
The quantity of Georgian armed forces will be unchangeable for the next year. It will consist of 37 thousand people. In this connection today the legislative initiative was initiated - "About the approval of the Georgian Armed Forces". According to the Bill, President asked the Parliament to leave the number of 37 thousand people unchanged
Mamuka Areshidze: Government has to pay much more attention to Pankisi
19.10.09 | 16:58 3623
Mamuka Areshidze, expert in Caucasus Questions declared that Georgian government has to be more careful with Pankisi valley.
Mamuka Areshidze said in conversation with the news agency GHN that, a few years ago Pankisi was associated with a terroristic groups and Russian Federation even now tries to manipulate with this in international community.
Gia Khukhashvili: Opposition needs huge effort to restore undermined authority
19.10.09 | 13:12 1950

Expert Gia Khukhashvili said that the opposition will need to make a huge effort to gather the people, to mobilise the society. He declared to GHN that society does not trust the opposition (level of trust to them is too low). For this the opposition needs to employ tactics.
Christian Democrates Demand Direct Elections to City Hall
19.10.09 | 12:45 1429

Today on October 19 the representatives of"Christian-Democrates" political party will start to gather the signatures with demand to hold a direct elections to
the post of a Mayor in the big towns of Georgia. For this the representatives of the party are planning to
hold press-conferences in all those sities, were the city mayor is to be elected, GHN, reports.
Russia and Abkhazia to fight against illegal migration
19.10.09 | 11:21 1255
Today on October 19 Russian Fedeation and Abkhazia will sign an agreement about the joint fight against illegal migration.



Russia started to mine the Abkhaian administrative border
18.10.09 | 21:51 1309
Today morning near the administrative border of the villages Tagiloni and Otobaia, Russian miliraties expoloded the territory were the buses of several villages of the lower zone of Gali region, were able to pass by the road to Zugdidi, GHN reports. The above mentioned is connected with the measures for mining of the Abkhazian administrative border.
UN calls for action and investment to eradicate global poverty
18.10.09 | 18:22 1330
The United Nations today marked the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declaring that the fight against a scourge that afflicts over a billion people around the world is at a critical juncture.
Saakashvili on Media Freedom in Georgia
18.10.09 | 12:31 1114
"We have twenty seven independent channels in Georgia; we have dozens of political talk shows everyday."
Grigol Vashadze: Moscow Wants to Start Talks with Tbilisi
18.10.09 | 08:28 1195
There are "signals" indicating that Russia wants to start talks with Georgia
Georgian Minister reviewed Georgia-Russia problems in London
14.10.09 | 19:37 1084
Within the official visit to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze delivered speech in the Great Britain Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Vashadze spoke about the problems in Georgia-Russia relations.

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