Gia Khukhashvili in Georiga everything is subjective
24.10.09 | 13:32 4206
Gia Khukhashvili, political scientist said that the USA opinion research body IRI (International Research Institute) conducted the researches which were not real one.


Desirable leader in Georgia is Mikhail Saakashvili
24.10.09 | 00:06 2231
In Georgia a desirable leader is Mikhail Saakashvili. The opinion poll was conduced by the IRI.
Biden Calls Western European Countries to be more active for stability
23.10.09 | 18:54 2355

Biden, in Romania, Urges Eastern Europe to Aid Democracy. Vice President of US Joe Biden talks about Georgia from Romania at this time.
Davit Bakradze: Georgian government works under new strategy of territorial integrity
23.10.09 | 16:06 2889

The Georgian government works under the new strategy of territorial integrity, - Davit Barkadse, Parliamentary chairman said taking the floor in USA Strategic and International Research Center.
Mikhail Saakashvili : Russia will pay for August war
23.10.09 | 15:46 2595
Mikhail Saakashvili, President of Georgia said that Russia will be for the actions which it did last year in August.
"They will pay for this, they will return all territories
Mikhail Saakashvili: Occupants and world discovered that we are getting stronger
23.10.09 | 14:48 2790

"One year ago all thought that Georgia will be parted for small pieces. But we did not afraid and we did not recede. And a year after the occupants, other regions and all world discovered that we indeed getting stronger, "-
Constantine Gamsakhurdia will return to Parliament
23.10.09 | 13:42 2963
Constantine Gamsakhurdia, leader of political party "Tavisupleba" (Liberty) will return to the Parliament. He declared this in the exclusive interview to the newspaper "Verisia" (version).


Giorgi Baramidze: Alliance discusses membership of Georgia to NATO without MAP
22.10.09 | 20:41 2477
Giorgi Baramidze, State Minister in European and Euro Atlantic Integration declared that UK and USA are upholding the idea of membership of Georgia to NATO without MAP.
"This question we suggested to Alliance and it is positively responded from USA and UK. Now a serious discussion is pending in NATO for the final definition of this decision, "- Baramidze said to journalists.
Temur Iakobashvili: Georgias NATO membership possible without MAP
22.10.09 | 17:59 2707
Temur Iakobashvili, State Minister in Reintegration said that it is possible to integrate Georgia to NATO without MAP. "This decision might be taken even not only in theory. However for this decision it is necessary to have a political will from the member states of the alliance. So as the time will pass we will see what will be possible, "- Iakobashvili said to journalists.Temur Iakobashvili, State Minister in Reintegration said that it is possible to integrate Georgia to NATO without MAP. "This decision might be taken even not only in theory. However for this decision it is necessary to have a political will from the member states of the alliance. So as the time will pass we will see what will be possible, "- Iakobashvili said to journalists.
NATO to discuss system of airspace control
22.10.09 | 16:27 2404
On October 22-23 in Bratislava NATO defense ministers will assemble for discussion of antimissile defense system plan changes. James Appaturay, NATO official representative said, the NATO will not have to start the review of the antimissile question from the beginning again, "as the discussion on this subject continues many years already."
Official Tbilisi accuses Lavrov in disinformation
22.10.09 | 00:45 952
The official Tbilisi accuses Russian Foreign Minister in disinformation of the international community.
"Mr. Lavrov tries again to persuade the not-well informed audience in the facts which himself did not believe too much - namely that the international community is accusing Georgia in aggression.
Mikhail Saakashvili: Country has not big foreign debt
21.10.09 | 19:06 1261
Mikhail Saakashvili, President of Georgia said that the country has not very big foreign debt. Being with the visit in the Georgian region Raja, he declared that in conversation with the local farmers. He said this after the farmers asked him to resolve the problem with the drinking water.
Anti crisis council to discuss TV 25
21.10.09 | 14:35 2831

Today on October 25 the anti crisis council will discuss the question of the TV 25 , the Ajara independent TV. The members of the anti crisis council will hear the information about this TV channel from the deputy finance minister.
Lasha Tugushi does not think Georgian Press Freedom improved
21.10.09 | 14:05 7488
Lasha Tugushi, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Resonansi" does not agree with the report published by the international organization "Reporters without borders" indicating the increase of the Georgian Press Freedom index from 120 to 81 point this year.
Christian-Democrats Demanded to expel "Block -Georgia" from Georgia
21.10.09 | 13:21 1870
Christian-Democrats are demanding to expel the "Block-Georgia' from Georgia. George Targamadze, the party leader declared that the company did not fulfill any obligation before the government. "We are demanding to expel them because they did not fulfilled no any obligation. In fact the hospitality sector is in a very bad situation.
Maya Purtseladze: Press in Georgia in Difficult Situation
20.10.09 | 20:35 2757
Maya Purtseladze, founder of the newspaper "Verisa" and Editor in Chief of the same edition believes that the rating of the "Reporters without Borders" for Georgia's 81 position for the Press Freedom Index is unrealistic one.


Mamuka Glonti: Press Freedom Index is not real one
20.10.09 | 19:29 2730
Mamuka Glonti, General Director of TV Company "Maestro" in interview with news agency GHN declared that the Press Freedom Index published by the Reporters without Borders does not reflect the real situation in Georgia.
Glonti said that, to compare with the last year, the progress of Georgia in the rating is reflected only with the situation in connection with war and with the comparative analysis.
Alexander Vershbow: USA not to deploy missile shields in non NATO states
20.10.09 | 17:15 2665
The United States sees no reason to deploy elements of its missile shield in countries which are not members of NATO. This declaration made today by The U.S. assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, Alexander Vershbow during the joint briefing with Giga Bokeria, deputy foreign minister.
Giga Bokeria: Georgias right to effective defense system - legitimate
20.10.09 | 16:10 4515

According to Giga Bokeria, deputy foreign minister despite of the agreement about cease-fire, Georgia has a legitimate right to have an effective defense system, GHN reports.
"Georgia fulfilled the obligation under the cease-fire and we have a strong position in this respect, but at the same time Georgia has a right for the effective defense system,
OSCE mission restoration talks too early in Georgia
20.10.09 | 15:48 2655
By the declaration of official Tbilisi, it is too early now to talk about the restoration of OSCE mission in Georgia, Alexander Nalbandov, deputy foreign minister said after the political consultations with the Kazakh party, after the accomplishment of the next round of the negotiations.

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