23-rd case of H1N1 confirmed in Georgia
14.10.09 | 17:15 1519
Twenty-third case of H1N1 virus has been confirmed in Georgia.
New Abkhazian Passports Citizenship - Russian
14.10.09 | 16:51 1498
New Abkhazian passports's citizenship determination is "Russian" one. Sergey Shamba, seccesionists Foreign Minsiter said thathe already reached the agreement about thie point with Russian Federation 
Georgia Says Blasts Damage Power Lin
14.10.09 | 16:17 1512
Four towers of high-voltage power line Kartli 2 were damaged by remote-control explosive devices close to the breakaway South Ossetia's administrative border,
Patriot Act to be prepared in Georgia
14.10.09 | 13:40 1321
Opposition MP Gia Tortladze has started working on the Georgian Patriot Act. The MP explains that adopting the document will be an effective instrument for spy disclosure in the country. Gia Tortladze says, a newly created alliance will prepare the project and present it to the parliament and the Security Council late
European Road Safety Day marked in Georgia
14.10.09 | 12:59 1810
The European Road Safety Day was marked in Georgia earlier today. A special event on this occasion was held at the Raddison Hotel in Tbilisi.
Georgian MFA on Russias Al Qaeda Allegations
14.10.09 | 12:24 1161
Georgian Foreign Ministry said on October 13 that Russia's "utterly false" allegations about Tbilisi aiding Al Qaeda was a cause of "a serious concern".
Georgian Orthodox Church Marks Mtskhetoba-Svetitskhovloba today
14.10.09 | 10:08 2794
Georgian Orthodox Church marks Mtskhetoba-Svetitskhovloba today, 14 October devoted to the day of Tunic of Christ and Life-Giving Chrism-Flowing Pillar.
Karasin: Russia is not Putting Pressure over Minsk in Recognition of Abkhazia and S Ossetia
14.10.09 | 10:00 1692
"Russian Federation is not putting pressure over Minsk to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia," - Grigory Karasin, said today in interview with Russian media.

"In the question of recognition of the independence of new states Russian Federation is not making any influence over its partners in the international community."
Separatist leader deliveres lecture at Moscow State University
14.10.09 | 03:03 1252
The leader of the South Ossetia puppet regime Eduard Kokoity delivered a lecture for the students
Kakha Baindurashvili: Country can pay off Foreign debt
14.10.09 | 02:50 1909
Kakha Baindurashvili, Finance Minister said in conversation with the news agency GHN that the country can pay off the foreign debt.
US State Secretary arrives in Russia
14.10.09 | 02:49 1596
US State Secretary, Hillary Clinton is expected to discuss the preparation of a new agreement with Russia, which will replace all previous agreements on strategic defence
Russia accuses Georgia of encouraging terrorism in North Caucasus
14.10.09 | 02:45 1504
Russian Federal Security Chief Aleksandr Bortnikov has accused Georgia of escalating tension in Chechnya and encouraging terrorism in the north Caucasus.
Georgian participants of JESC 2009 to have their own video clip
14.10.09 | 02:36 2096
The shooting of a video clip for the song entitled "Blue Bird" of “PRINCESSES,” Georgian participant group of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) – 2009, is complete.
Georgian judo wrestlers returned from Baku with 8 medals
14.10.09 | 02:30 3442
mbers of the Georgian judo team have won 8 medals including 2 Gold ones at the World Judo Cup recently held in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Twenty-five Georgians injured in Austria Camp of Refugees
13.10.09 | 18:05 1471
Twenty-five Georgian nationals have been injured in a clash with Afghan refugees in the Austrian camp of refugees.
USAID to financially assist 8 Georgian NGOs
13.10.09 | 18:01 1569
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has allocated USD 3 million to 8 Georgian non-governmental organizations.
Georgian Foreign Minister continues visit to Great Britain
13.10.09 | 16:09 1393
Grigol Vashadze, Georgia’s Foreign Minister continues his official visit to the Great Britain. Vashadze will meet with William Hague, Shadow Foreign Secretary today.
US demands that international observers be allowed into Georgias conflict zones
13.10.09 | 15:07 1300
The US demands that international observers be admitted into Georgia’s invaded territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
Labor Party insists on investigation of 2003 Georgias Rose Revolution
13.10.09 | 14:06 1374
The oppositional Georgian Labor Party calls on the US State Administration to launch full investigation into the 2003 Georgian Rose Revolution.
President Saakashvili to pay official visit to Kuwait
13.10.09 | 02:47 1313
President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili will visit Kuwait today. Economic Minister Zurab Pololikashvili has told media that the delegation will have meetings with Prime Minister of Kuwait

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