Theatrical Premiere in Tbilisi
13.10.09 | 02:37 3374
A theatrical premiere was held on October 12 within the framework of the International Theatre Festival underway in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Conservative party will not attend the Security Council's Sitting
12.10.09 | 18:00 2066
Conservative party will not attend the Security Council's Sitting Georgian Conservative party will not attend the Security Council's Sitting despite of the invitation, which they received.
Murder suspect detained
12.10.09 | 13:34 1853
The officers of Shida Kartli Regional Main Division of the Ministry of Interrior have detained Giga Laperashvili (DoB 1991) who, on the basis of conflict has inflicted multiple injuries in chest area with
David Milibend:Russia and Georgia Should Trust Eachother
10.10.09 | 18:16 2014
Russia and Georiga should increase the trust between each other. David Milliband , British Foreign Minister said about this
Suspect of bribery detained by the officers of Constitutional
10.10.09 | 13:36 1757
As a result of operative-investigative activities conducted by the officers of Constitutional Security Department of MIA the employee of the Ministry of Refugees and Resettlement of Georgia,- Mamuka
Best Georgian Rugby team to be revealed today
10.10.09 | 02:33 2503
The best Georgian Rugby team will be revealed later this afternoon. Lelo and Batumi rugby teams will compete for the Champions title.
Peter Mamradze Accuses Government in Unfair Dismissal of Employees
09.10.09 | 18:25 1746
Peter Magradze, one of the leaders of "Movement for United Georiga" accuses government in unfair dismissal of citizens.
Robert Simons: Russia have no right to Veto Any Country form NATO Membership
09.10.09 | 18:20 1563
Robert Simons, NATO special representative in Caucasus and Central Asia being in Tbilisi said that
Russia does not have a right to veto any country form NATO membership
Mikheil Machavariani: Moscow Never Like Criminal Kokoity
09.10.09 | 18:08 1393
Mikheil Machavariani , Parliamentary Vice Speaker declared that Moscow never like criminal Kokoity.
He said that it is quite natural that he may be replaced.
Nogaideli: Government is going to Feed Ppeople with Illusions
09.10.09 | 18:05 1505
The movement For Fair Georiga, its leader Zurab Nogaideli said that till the end of the year the Budget will lack half mrd and the economics will be redused for 7.1 %.
Irakli Okruashvili Upholds Burdjanadze's Call
09.10.09 | 16:44 1422
Irakli Okruashvili, chairman of the movement "For United Georgia" joins the call of Burjanadze in connection with creation of democratic fund.
Officialdoms of Saakashvili Preparing for 2013
09.10.09 | 15:56 3204
Representatives of Georgian government in the frames of public dialogue are conducting meetings with population of the region. The aim of the new project is to neutralize a negative potential in the population and to make up a democratic background. After protest actions, the government needs support of the population and restoration and return of foreign partners. Mikhail Saakashvili's policy is a dragging of the time. However he started to listen to needs of population and to cooperate with opposition.
Goethe's Faust staged at Marjanishvili Theater
09.10.09 | 13:50 3912
Lithuanian actors performed Goethe's "Faust" at the Marjanishvili Theatre in Tbilisi last evening.
Radio "Freedom" will Broadcast over Abkhazia program "Cuacasus Echo"
08.10.09 | 19:06 1475
The USA backed radiostation " Freedom" officially announnced about its willingness to broadcast over Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
Workshop of documentary films in Tbilisi
08.10.09 | 02:38 1855
The workshop of documentary films is being held at the Tbilisi State University of Theater and Cinema.
Semi-finalists of Pianists Contest reveled
08.10.09 | 02:38 1933
The semi-finalists of the Fourth International Contest for Pianists are revealed. Out of 25 contenders, 12
Burjanadze Says Focusing on Local Elections Useless
07.10.09 | 19:28 1299
Instead of focusing on local self-governance elections, the opposition should join forces to mount pressure on the authorities and achieve early presidential elections, Nino Burjanadze, ex-speak of parliamentary
In Sokhumi Presidential Elections to be Held in December 12
07.10.09 | 19:05 1337
Parliament in breakaway Abkhazia set the date for the presidential elections in the region for December 12,
Georgian Cable TV may Refuse from Broadcasting of Channel "Maestro"
07.10.09 | 18:34 1598
Georigian authorities are putting under pressure the activity of Georgian oppositional TV channel "Maestro", and as well they are putting pressure under the big cable TV for prevent them to broadcast this channel
Zurab Pololikashvili: Economic Liberation Act Makes Fundamental Change
06.10.09 | 16:13 3300
Economic development Minister calls the Liberaiton Act as an act of the economic liberty.
This will be "unprecedented change" he said.

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