Rio wins right to host the 2016 Olympic Games
03.10.09 | 15:37 1106
Brazil will become the first South American country to host the Olympics after the city of Rio de Janeiro was chosen to stage the 2016 Games.
Dodo Chichinadzes star opened at Rustaveli Cinema Hall
03.10.09 | 13:49 1265
The star of Dodo Chichinadze, Georgian actress was unveiled last evening in front of the Rustaveli Cinema Hall in Tbilisi.
Dodo Chichinadzes star opened at Rustaveli Cinema Hall
03.10.09 | 13:49 1375
The star of Dodo Chichinadze, Georgian actress was unveiled last evening in front of the Rustaveli Cinema Hall in Tbilisi.
Members of criminal group detained by Constitutional Security Department
02.10.09 | 13:42 931
As a result of operative-investigative activities carried out by the officers of Constitutional Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs , the members of organized criminal group have been
Murder suspect, Vladislav Askarov detained
02.10.09 | 13:40 923
As a result of operative searching activities conducted by the officers of Kvemo Kartli Regional Main Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladislav Askarov has been detained, who on September 29
Officers of Constitutional Security Department of MIA have detained employees of Qutaisi railway station on the fact bribery
02.10.09 | 13:39 1135
The Officers of Constitutional Security Department of MIA, as a result of operative-investigative activities detained Avtandil Pilipia, -the head of Qutaisi railway station and Aleqsandre Bagdavadze,
New Georgian business union to be established
02.10.09 | 02:55 2026
New union of Georgian businessmen is to be founded to stimulate and support business prosperity in the country.
Zviad Sichinava elected as GFF President
01.10.09 | 15:39 2247
Zviad Sichinava, President and Founder of "Baia" Club of Zugdidi, was elected to the post of President of the Georgian Football Federation (GFF) this afternoon. Sichinava was the only candidate, who ran for
International Conference on Role of Museums opens in Tbilisi
01.10.09 | 02:44 1017
An international conference on the role of museums in the societys development was opened earlier today in Tbilisi.
Patriarch of All Russia: Georgian-Ossetian Conflict - Consequence of Georigan Authorities Policy
28.09.09 | 16:58 771
I am sure that this war was a consequence of the destructive policy of the Georigan administration.
I am saying this with the love and close feelings to the Georigan people and to the Georigan Church
Sozar Subari: Fastest Way to Change non Democratic Policy - to come to Politics
27.09.09 | 17:25 2414
Former teacher, former Ombudsman wishes to "direct the Georgian politics to the right direction" and he believes that for this is necessary the political will, which authorities will show now after he will come to policy.
Chabua Amirejibi: Georgians - Defend Georgia Even in Expence of New Sacrifice;
27.09.09 | 17:03 949
Chabua Amirejibi, writer in connection with the day of fail of Sokhumi addressed to Georigan society.
Tbilisi hosts international theater festival
27.09.09 | 13:49 1272
Tbilisi is hosting the first international theater festival, which launched on September 26 and will last till October 20.
Thanks For Everything
26.09.09 | 17:19 2194
Thanks! - this is the main what Mikhail Saakashvili said to the world when taking the floor in the UN Assembly General And what makes us Georgian to surprise once more. Thanks to Russia! - for the war in Georgia! And now it is constructing the "Berlin wall". Thanks for international community for unprecedented support! 
Deadline for submission of applications for GFF President expires today
26.09.09 | 15:39 1084
The deadline for submissions of applications for the post of President of the Georgian Football Federation (GFF) expires at 6 PM today.
Dmitri Medvediev Talked about August War In UN
24.09.09 | 17:06 846
During his speech in the UN Dmitry Medvediev talked about the events in 2008 august in Georgia.
Georgia to host Polands culture days
23.09.09 | 13:48 944
Georgia will host a festival of Poland's culture days "Art Zone Poland-Georgia." Various events are scheduled within the frames of the festival.
Georgian wrestler wins Bronze Medal
22.09.09 | 15:40 1328
Giorgi Gogshelidze, a Georgian sportsman in Free Style Wrestling won the Bronze Medal in the World Championship.
Moto Freestyle show organized in Tbilisi
20.09.09 | 15:40 1383
For the first time ever, a show of Moto Freestyle games was staged at the central Liberty Square in Tbilisi last evening.
The conflict in Abkhazia - Sources of Tragedy
19.09.09 | 21:04 2010
The author: Gocha Gvaramia,
independent expert, editor of "Georgia Online"

The conflict which begun 15 years ago in Abkhazia was a logic end of the plot well planned within decades by the Russian politicians of a high rank from reactionary circles and militaries. The consideration of a historiography of the conflict will clearly answer a question, into whose interests were and what purposes has an escalation of military actions. We shall give some important historic facts:

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