Jioeva may defect from politics
14.02.12 | 16:17 2348
Jioeva may defect from politics
Dzhioeva may be transferred to Russia for further treatment
10.02.12 | 13:42 2175
Dzhioeva may be transferred to Russia for further treatment
Situation became tense in occupied region of South Ossetia
10.02.12 | 12:51 2094
Situation became tense in occupied region of South Ossetia
Abkhaz Reports: `Terrorist Act Foiled in Gali`
12.01.12 | 13:06 2263
Abkhaz Reports: `Terrorist Act Foiled in Gali`
Unofficial reports say Abkhaz criminal was killed
29.12.11 | 15:44 3036
Unofficial reports say Abkhaz criminal was killed
Medvediev ratified customs regulations with Georgian breakaway regions
20.11.11 | 12:25 1640
Russian President Dmitri Madvediev ratified a document regulating customs control with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, - the Press Office of Kremlin disseminated this information.
New building of Russian Embassy opened in secessionist Abkhazia
18.11.11 | 08:37 1410
Today on November 18 in the secessionist Abkhazia the ceremony of opening of the new building of Russian Federation's Embassy will be held. The Abkhazian media informs.
Federation Council of Russian Federation to arrive to Tskhinvali
29.09.11 | 09:06 1885
Today on September 29 to secessionist South Ossetia the Federation Council's delegation will arrive
Shamba resigned
27.09.11 | 18:14 1700
Alexander Anquab, newly elected President of secessionist Abkhazia appointed to the post of Prime Minister Leonid Lakerbaia (1947). Abkhazian media disseminates this information. "He as well signed decree about Cabinet's resignation, "- Abkhazian side reports.
Labor Party addresses to Abkhazian people
27.09.11 | 09:36 2249
Georgian Labor party published a special addresss to Abkhazian people on September 27, Nestan Kirtadze, International Secretary of Labor Party said.
In Gali next one meeting of Incident Prevention working group to be held
20.09.11 | 09:20 1518

Today on September 20 in Gali the 30-th meeting of the Incident Prevention working group will be held. Shota Utiashvili, head of MIA's Analytical Department said to GHN. He is a head of Georgian delegation at the meeting.
WikiLeaks: MIA head consulted diplomats in Abkhazian and S.O. policy
15.09.11 | 20:24 1842

WikiLeaks published in details meetings of USA officials with Vano Merabishvili, MIA Minster. For the several years diplomats were appl
Boris Chochiev: Georgian government plans large scale provocation at the end of August
17.08.11 | 19:28 1919
The Georgian government at the end of August plans to conduct the large scale provocation in so-called South Ossetia border. The information disseminated over the news agency "Resi" based on information from Borins Chochiev, Post Conflict Regulation Representative.
Secessionists promised to affected population in S.O. financial support after tree years
17.08.11 | 18:03 1545
The secessionist government promised to the population in South Ossetia who suffered a loss at the Georgian-Russian war in 2008 August the financial support after tree years. The information is disseminated by the local news agency "Resi".
Alexander Anquab: Kitovani says nonsense
16.08.11 | 15:09 2120

Tengiz Kitovani ex Defense Minister of Georgia said in is interview with Russian media: "When we were taking Sokhumi, Anquab was serving as a spy for Georgian Army. He was informing us about the movement of Abkhazian Armed Forces.
Alexander Anquab: Europe understood that Abkhazia is an equal partner
16.08.11 | 13:21 1708
Alexander Anquab, vice-President and candidate for Presidency is sure that the EU countries will recognize independence of Abkhazia.
Alasania: Georgian govt. committed mistakes makes distant Abkhazians with Georgians
14.08.11 | 16:06 1249
Irakli Alasania, leader of Free democrats said the August 14 in the history of Georgian people is the most tragic one.
19 years passed since armed conflict in Abkhazia on August 14
14.08.11 | 09:42 1403
19 years passed since the armed conflict in Abkhazia. In 1992 August 14 the armed conflict started. The Georgian Defense Ministry's armed forces entered the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic to defend the railway. In turn Vladislav Ardzinba head of the autonomous republic ordered to the illegitimate "Abkhazian guardians" to fire them.
S.O. offers land for Russian businessmen for 99 years
12.08.11 | 18:34 1152
The land liaison in South Ossetia for Russian investments will be offered for 99 years, the secessionists in Tskhinvali decided, GHN reports.
Eduard Kokoity: ratification of military bases document will end up Georgia’s dream about revenge
09.08.11 | 16:18 1118
The ratification of the document about the military bases in Abkhazia and South Ossetia will make full clarification about the Russian Army's presence at these territories. I hope this will end up the thinking of Georgian and Western politicians who believe that these territories are occupied, "- Ossetia's secessionist's leader Eduard Kokoity said.


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