Vano Mtvralishvili: traders cannot agree about future strategy
01.09.11 | 17:24 1426
The Union of the Oil Producers and Importers published the existing situation at the oil market. The head of the Oil Importers Union Vano Mtvralishvili said during the August the oil prices were changing randomly. Particularly on August 1 in London the InterContinental Exchange Futures Europe - type oil price reached USD 116.81 for barrel. At the same time in New York at the New York Mercantile Exchange the Light Sweet - type oil price reached USD 94.89 for barrel.
Georgia and Ukraine make customs procedures even easier
01.09.11 | 16:50 1032
Georgia and Ukraine are making the Customs duties even simpler.
The document describing this was signed by the head of the Revenue Service and the chair of the Customs Service in Ukraine, GHN reports.
Today Ajara to visit the millionth tourist
01.09.11 | 12:00 1323
Today on September 1 the Ajara regions expects to meet the millionth tourist. For this time it is unknown yet who it will be.
On September 16 to Batumi Port cruise ship Ocean Majesty to enter
31.08.11 | 17:02 1456
On September 16 to Batumi port one more cruise ship will enter. The news agency GHN was informed from eh Ajara Tourist Company's Deputy Director Eka Chanishvili that the cruise ship Ocean Majesty will deliver to Ajara 500 holding tourists. The ship will stay in Batumi for one day. Chanishvili as well said that Ajara Tourist Company will provide tourists with different excursions. Among them in Ajara and Kutaisi.
Georgia conducts negotiations for inclusion in routs of travel companies
31.08.11 | 14:54 1490
Georgia conducts negotiations for getting into the cruise routs of several companies. The Tourism Agency head Maya Sidamonidze said to GHN for these 5 years are necessary.
Economic Minister: Russia should respect WTO rules as all member countries
30.08.11 | 14:15 1700
La Tribune interviewed Vera Qobalia, Economic Minister.

-Nexst round of negotiations with Russian Federation is planned for the middle of September. Is going Georgia to lift veto against Russian Federation for WTO membership?


Mikhail Saakshvili visited renowned infrastructure in Anaklia
22.08.11 | 19:13 1282
Today, Mikheil Saakashvili sailed on yacht together with his youngest son and talked with the journalists about the development of the Anaklia resort zone and its tourist potential.


U.S. Government Hands Universal Harvesters worth USD 2.5 million to Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia
22.08.11 | 19:03 1164
On behalf of the United States Government, Ambassador John R. Bass will transfer ten Universal Corn Harvesters worth $2,560,300 to the Georgian Ministry of Agriculture at 11:00 a.m. on August 23 at the Orkhevi Mechanization Center in Tbilisi.
Levan Varshalomidze checked winter preparation works
20.08.11 | 18:22 1335
Levan Varshalomidze, chair o the Ajara government checked the winter preparation works. He said the speed of construction works at the winter resorts in Ajara regions going well. 5 new villas, restaurants, culture and sportive centers are constructing speedily. He said the they will be fully prepared for the ski season.
Monetary politics rate is 7.5%
17.08.11 | 17:50 1306
The National Bank of Georgia's Monetary Politics Committee took a decision on August 17 about the decreasing of the monetary politics rate for 25 basis points. The rate of the monetary politics amounted for the 7.5 %.
KWF to allocate additional EUR 39 mn for Georgia
17.08.11 | 13:27 1378
Tomorrow on August 18 in Batumi the next one agreement will be signed between Georgian government and KWF - German Reconstruction and Development Bank. According to the agreement, the Batumi town will get for the communications infrastructure EUR 39 mn.
Georgian wine will be sold in Istanbul international airport
17.08.11 | 12:25 1733
Georgian wine will be sold in Istanbul international airport. The Georgian Agriculture Ministry and the TAV holding cooperation stipulates the sale in the duty free zone in Ataturk Istanbul Airport the Georgian wine for which will be allocated a Georgian wine corner. Different Georgian brands will be presented here.
New Holland supplied with technique Ajara region
16.08.11 | 17:45 1134
New Holland's technique was transported to Ajara by the winner in the trend company GT Group. Up to the 1 GEL mn was allocated form Ajara regional budget for the automotive technique, the excavations and other machines.
Commodity circulation in 1H reached USD 4 832 mn
16.08.11 | 17:35 1300
In the first half of the 2011, in January-July according to the preliminary data the commodity turnover (excluding the unofficial trade) amounted to USD 4 832 mn. The state statistics informs that the export in January - July reached USD 1 186 mn
Georgian party denied information about diseased sheep transportation to Turkey
16.08.11 | 17:18 2338
The Georgian party denies the information of Turkish party about Georgian sheep died as a result of illness in Turkey ?
Russia is about to return Georgian mineral water “Borjomi” to Russian market
16.08.11 | 13:01 1481

The return of Georgian mineral water ‘Borjomi' possibly happens according to the declarations of Russian Chief Sanitarian Genady Onishenko, GHN reports. The Russian Federal Service for the consumers rights ("Rospotreb Nadzor") stated that the negotiation for the supply of this mineral water is discussed now. At the same time the office will restrict the supply of this mineral water to Russian Federation over the Belarus which is performed with violations of agreements taken in the frames of the Customs Union.
FDI in Georgia increased for 24%
15.08.11 | 18:02 1123
In 2010 the Direct Foreign Investment in Georgia reached USD 814 mn, this is for 24% more then in 2009.


In Batumi Regulatory Commisions next one meeting to be held
15.08.11 | 09:44 1205

Batumi hosts the international meetings. ON August 15-19 in the frames of the Energy Partnership programs in Batumi the Georgian National Regulatory Commission for Energy and Water supply and the USA Kentucky State Regulatory Commissioners Association (NARUC) will conduct 4-th meting.
CEI accomplished to dig the exploitative works
11.08.11 | 20:11 1248
The Caucasus Energy and Infrastructure at the lower squire of the WWP accomplished the 52-meter exploitative digging works. This was to be used in case of alternate means to access the tunnel in case of emergency. The works were carried out over the Disco Roadheader.
On August 15-19 regulatory Commissions next one sitting to be held
11.08.11 | 19:31 1406

Batumi hosts the international meetings. ON August 15-19 in the frames of the Energy Partnership programs in Batumi the Georgian National Regulatory Commission for Energy and Water supply and the USA Kentucky State Regulatory Commissioners Association (NARUC) will conduct 4-th meting.

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