Saudi Arabia Crown Prince has died
22.10.11 | 13:54 547

Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz al Saud has died, Saudi TV says.
The crown prince was King Abdullah's half-brother and first in line to the Saudi throne. He was also minister of defence and aviation.
In Athens violent rioters attack demonstrators
21.10.11 | 12:18 547
A protester died during an anti-austerity demonstration that turned violent in the Greek capital Thursday, authorities said, hours before lawmakers were to vote on deeply unpopular new cutbacks demanded by creditors to keep Greece afloat.
Libya Plans secret burrial for Muammar Gaddafi - BBC
21.10.11 | 12:03 492

Libyan authorities are planning a secret burial within the next few hours for ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi following his capture and death.The BBC's Caroline Hawley in Tripoli says officials early on Friday were still undecided as to where and how it should take place.Earlier, officials said Col Gaddafi had been killed in crossfire after being captured in his birthplace of Sirte.
Greece unrest
20.10.11 | 12:16 4178
Greece unrest
General Strike underway in Greece
19.10.11 | 13:29 394
A general strike is under way in Greece, grounding flights, halting most public services and shutting offices and shops.
Thousands of protesters have begun marching in Athens amid tight security.
Two-day strike to paralyze services
18.10.11 | 10:31 366
Unions are to scale up their protests and walkouts on Tuesday ahead of a two-day general strike on Wednesday and Thursday, expected to be marked by vehement protests in the runup to a vote on new austerity measures in Parliament.
Israeli Supreme Court to hear cases against Shalit swap
17.10.11 | 12:09 532
Israeli Supreme Court to hear cases against Shalit swap
Protests spread around the world
17.10.11 | 11:55 695
Global protests against the world's financial system and economic injustice, continues across the world.
Pirates released Georgian sailors
14.10.11 | 13:18 418
The negotiations for release of Georgian ship and sailors detained in Nigeria accomplished successfully. Pirates freed the ship and the crew, among them 12 Georgian citizens.
Libya NTC interim forces launch Sirte attack
07.10.11 | 13:18 424
Libya NTC interim forces launch Sirte attack
Hemp plants targeted by thieves
01.10.11 | 10:33 539
Thieves have been stealing plants related to cannabis in the mistaken belief the crop has a psychoactive effect, police have said.
Surrey Police said hemp plants growing in fields along the A25 in Guildford, Dorking and Reigate have been targeted.
Maastrichts marijuana-selling coffee shops will ban most foreigners
01.10.11 | 10:25 497
Marijuana-selling coffee shop owners in Maastricht have announced a ban on most foreigners in an attempt to prove wrong the conservative Dutch government's plans to restrict access to their businesses.
Dmitri Medvediev dismissed Finance Minister
27.09.11 | 11:24 495
Russian President Dmitri Medvediev dismissed Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.

According to the established procedures in Russian Federation ministers are appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister.

Odyssey finds WWII-era freighter carrying silver
27.09.11 | 10:50 560
Luck may have finally turned for Odyssey Marine Exploration. The Tampa-based ocean-exploring firm has located a WWII-era British freighter that went down with a fortune in silver bars.
IMF: eurozone rescue plan is emerging
26.09.11 | 11:23 362

The outline of a large and ambitious eurozone rescue plan is taking shape, reports from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington suggest.
It is expected to involve a 50% write-down of Greece's massive government debt, the BBC's business editor Robert Peston says
Economist: Chinas economy could overtake Americas within a decade
25.09.11 | 09:56 287
IN 2010 CHINA shot past Japan to become the world's second-largest economy (based on current market prices). But when might it supplant America at number one? The answer depends on how the exchange rates are calculated. The IMF's forecasts and the long-run tables of GDP compiled by the late Angus Maddison, an economic historian, are based on purchasing-power parity (PPP), which makes allowances for the lower prices of non-traded services in poorer countries. On that basis, the size of China's economy is already close to America's and is likely to overtake it by 2016.
Turkish Prime Minister: Turkey seizes Syrian ship with weapons
24.09.11 | 09:19 336

Turkey has seized a Syrian-flagged ship loaded with weapons, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.
France to withdraw 200 troops from Afghanistan next month
22.09.11 | 17:41 424

France is to withdraw around 200 troops from its 4,000-strong force fighting as part of the NATO coalition in Afghanistan before the end of next month, the military said Thursday.


The Economist: Putins win in Strasbourg
21.09.11 | 10:06 321
The European Court of Human Rights delivered its long-awaited ruling on the dismemberment of Yukos, once Russia's largest oil company, which was liquidated in 2007. The Russian government appears to have got off lightly. After nearly 18 months of deliberations, the court decided that the attack on Yukos was not politically motivated.
German Chancellor against full membership of Turkey in EU
20.09.11 | 15:33 255
Angela Merkel, German Chancellor is against the full membership of Turkey in the European Union, GHN reports. She declared this at the regional conference of the Christian-Democratic Union.

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