Who sold what in Georgia for freedom?
27.06.10 | 14:16 3996
In the executive government next one rotation of heads of ministries was performed. Likewise all subordinate bodies are in expectation of changes. Deputy Ministers heads of departments and divisions, even ordinary specialists. In the budget organization one little change may put things upside down. Some are loosing the job, getting nothing in turn not able to cover own credits
NATO rethinks its mission, perhaps too reluctantly
22.06.10 | 12:21 3819

It's past time, and high time, for NATO to reshape itself for the threats of this century, from terrorism to cyberwar. But budget cuts, a difficult war in Afghnistan, and a preoccupation with a debt crisis will make this a hard sell. NATO is years overdue for a major review of its purpose. The last time the transatlantic military alliance looked in the mirror was 1999 - before 9/11, before widespread cyberattacks, before Russia veered from the democratic path under Vladimir Putin.


Tbilisi-Cyprus – Tbilisi
02.12.09 | 14:30 3290
"History " is a personal emotional experience, which happen a thousands years ago - seems like it is your own history, which happen now - like it is a distant story of your people..." - I could emotionally precipitate the words of famous Georgian writer Grigol Robakidze, only on my return from the Cyprus. Returning to the homeland I understood that the "history" is a personal emotion, not only distant, but happening now, "the story of your people..."


"Alliance for Georgia" is Alliance for Constructional view point
05.11.09 | 18:03 2600
It was hasty, ambitious, and deliberated beforehand... and many more what can be said in estimation of the declaration of the political party "Alliance for Georgia" about its decision to fight for the posts of the Tbilisi Mayor and for "Sakrebulo" (Board) Chairmanship. Such decision on the political language sounds like this: "The Alliance is going to fight for this as an alternative political power to the government's one, and suggests to the society the own point of view for resolution from crisis."
Officialdoms of Saakashvili Preparing for 2013
09.10.09 | 15:56 2427
Representatives of Georgian government in the frames of public dialogue are conducting meetings with population of the region. The aim of the new project is to neutralize a negative potential in the population and to make up a democratic background. After protest actions, the government needs support of the population and restoration and return of foreign partners. Mikhail Saakashvili's policy is a dragging of the time. However he started to listen to needs of population and to cooperate with opposition.
Thanks For Everything
26.09.09 | 17:19 2188
Thanks! - this is the main what Mikhail Saakashvili said to the world when taking the floor in the UN Assembly General And what makes us Georgian to surprise once more. Thanks to Russia! - for the war in Georgia! And now it is constructing the "Berlin wall". Thanks for international community for unprecedented support! 
The conflict in Abkhazia - Sources of Tragedy
19.09.09 | 21:04 2003
The author: Gocha Gvaramia,
independent expert, editor of "Georgia Online"

The conflict which begun 15 years ago in Abkhazia was a logic end of the plot well planned within decades by the Russian politicians of a high rank from reactionary circles and militaries. The consideration of a historiography of the conflict will clearly answer a question, into whose interests were and what purposes has an escalation of military actions. We shall give some important historic facts:

16 Years Ago Abkhazians Breached Agreement on Cease-Fire and Renowned Attack
16.09.09 | 16:44 1957
Today on September 16 - 16 years passed since breach of the agreement by Abkhazian side on cease-fire. In 1993 on September 16 Abkhazians attacked Sokhumi and on September 27 they captured the town. In the beginning of the 1993 so called Abkhazian forces took an advantage after the cease-fire agreement and unexpectedly attacked the strategic town Gagra.
The 21-st Revolution
09.09.09 | 15:37 2023
Tbilisi. 09.09.09. Governmental changes started in August. Prime Minister Nika Gilauri dismissed from his post Lasha Jvania, Economic Minister. After that Mikhail Saakashvili replaced Defense Minister. At the same day in the Economic and Defense Ministries deputies, PR heads and others holding important positions were dismissed. No changes have been made yet among leading, major or other skilled workers. They are still expecting changes. New shocking wave of major reshuffle will start in the same manner as it is habitual for Saakashvili's elite. They will be dismissed at the arrival to the job.
August 26 of 2008 ??? From Isolation to Reset in Relations
25.08.09 | 20:26 1800
Last year, on August 26, commenting the recognition by Dmitry Medvediev, Russian President of occupied territories, Barak Obama, being at that time candidate for Presidency, declared that on the international arena US have to head the UN and other international organizations and to take a responsibility for the delivering of events in the right angle. US as well have to direct the international community in isolation of Russian Federation, for unbecoming actions. This was said by Barak Obama, exactly one year ago.


Punishment for Sake of Democracy
21.08.09 | 16:30 1801

The Georgian government is suing Burjanadze for the property, which she legalized as own while being on the post of Chairman of Georgian Parliament. A bit earlier most negative side of Burjanadze was her relatives's involvement in corruption - father Anzor Burjanadze and her husband Badri Bitsadze.
War and Peace in Georgian Tomorrow Was a War
04.08.09 | 16:37 1747
Were the line should be drawn between war and peace - it is not here in Georgia. We are fighting during the peace and our "peace" always followed by the "consequences of war". We never can distinguish between war and peace. We loose a war? So that was a battle only, the war continues till the victory! We won a battle? So this was a war and we gain a victory forever!

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