Toomas Hendrik Ilves - Georgia and Georgians choose their own way and goals
16.09.13 | 16:30 6403
Toomas Hendrik Ilves - Georgia and Georgians choose their own way and goals
Authorities afraid of Ivanishvili
19.10.11 | 17:21 6937
When interviewed by Reuters, Bidzina Ivanishvili mentioned that in case of right steps it is possible that the interests of two courtiers - Russia and Georgia will coincide. What steps he mean and as well for the estimation of his political viewpoints GHN talked with political scientist Mamuka Areshidze.
Hamid Karzai : Drawdown, rhetoric, corruption and aid
29.06.11 | 10:48 8646
The announcement that was made last night by President Obama is welcomed by the Afghan people. The number of troops that he has announced to be withdrawn this year and the rest, next year, is a sign that Afghanistan is taking over its own security and trying to defend its territory by its own means. So we're happy with the announcement. As for the number of troops, we have no opinion on that.
Irakli Melashvili: we should not wait when Obama and EU will take from here Mishiko
11.10.10 | 10:45 4908
8 opposition parties tell about own vision in connection with amendments to the Elections Code to international organizations, experts and NGOs. The authors of amendments believe that in case if the changes will be made in Elections Code, the fraud in elections will not be possible and the elections will be done according to the principle - "one voter - one vote".
Mamuka Areshidze: Russias threat about the same fate for other regions of Georgia as in Abkhazia and S.O. is virtual one
29.09.10 | 12:47 4791
If Georgia will recognize genocide of Circassia's', then such regions as Borchola (Qvemo Qartli) and Javakheti have to share the same fate as in Abkhazia and S.O. - such declarations are spread in Russian media. Mamuka Areshidze, political scientist, expert in Caucasian questions talked with GHN about the possible versions of development of events, and as well about the desirability of recognition by Georgian Parliament of Circassia's genocide
Ramaz Sakvarelidze: step which will score up opposition in elections
21.09.10 | 21:59 3923
In regard to the passivity of opposition experts say that in our country the "television opposition" is. The Georgian political spectrum is wakened time to time only by the constitutional changes, in connection to these changes the opposition has a range of questions. But they are only expressing the "modest" estimations. The opposition says it prepares for future elections; two years are left to those elections
Nestan Kirtadze: the war in August was a confrontation between the USA and Russia in the territory of Georgia
16.08.10 | 14:22 3181
After the Russian and Georgian war in August of 2008 two years have passed. What has changed during this time, what is the extent of Georgia's support from the side of international community? What is the Georgia's historical datum at present and what are the perspectiv
Mamuka Areshidze: West recommends dialogue with Russia - the negotiations format for such dialogue exist
17.07.10 | 10:21 2489
The visit of French Foreign Minister underlined one interesting point. He declared that for resolution of territorial problem, Georgia certainly has to negotiate with Russia. This will be upheld by EU as well. Bernard Kushner, French Foreign Minster took as an example the Poland, Ukraine and USA. He noted that these countries have had balanced the relations with Russia, and made them more civilized. Georgia as well has to change relations with Russia.
Kakha Gogolashvili: USA with its strong resources will manage to break Russian’s positions against Georgia
26.06.10 | 14:25 3161
The Obama-Medvediev meeting was impatiently expected in Georgia. It is over now. However declarations which were made on the Press Conference after the meeting were interpreted differently. In fact Obama and Medvediev agreed that in connection with Georgian question disagreements still exist between Russia and USA. However both sides noted that the above mentioned disagreement will not hinder to the cooperation between these two states.
Mamuka Areashidze: Tourist Season is very for Russian military operations
15.06.10 | 12:59 2442
Temur Iakobashvili, reintegration Minister commented about the events developed in Kirgizstan. He said, the ethnic cleansing in Osh and Jalalabad is the continuation of the ethnic cleansing which happens in Tskhinvali against Georgians. He said in both cases Russian Federation is guilty. News agency GHN interviewed Mamuka Areshidze, expert in Caucasian questions. He talks about the origin of the dangers in Georgian occupied territories and Kirgizstan
Soso Tsiskarishvili: In any case opposition parties would be defeated
11.06.10 | 21:49 2560
The international organizations said the self governance local elections were a "step forward" for democracy. But the Georgian experts and politicians believe that nothing ever have changed since last elections. Despite of this the elections were conducted in a quiet environment and results were recognized almost by all parties. Soso Tsiskarishvili, political scientists talked about this with GHN.
Zviad Dzidziguri: the main for Georgia is a regulation of relations with Russia
24.05.10 | 14:54 2715
Zviad Dzidziguri, candidate for City Mayor believes that opposition has a chance to win local elections if voters participation will be high enough in Tbilisi. In case of winning elections he promised electorate to appoint early parliamentary and presidential elections at "the same day". It is worth to be noted that repetition of Bishkek scenario is not expected any more. Dzidziguri considers that the only way left for opposition for change of the government is elections. GHN interviewed Zviad Dzidziguri, candidate for City Mayor post from National Council
Irina Sarishvili: Alliance and Nogaideli - two sides of the same government
24.05.10 | 11:00 3992
Many things are prognosed in an eve of the self governance elections and Tbilisi Mayor elections. Some consider elections as only way for changes. Some oppositional parties think that the elections on May 30 will be a farce only. On this ground Nino Burjanadze's party, National Forum and other influential political organizations opted out from elections. Irina Sarishvili, ex-chairperson of National Democratic party, who was absent from politics after 2008 presidential elections as well will not take part at this elections race
Nino Burjanadze: Georgia cannot enter NATO until conflict regulation
22.05.10 | 12:37 2807
Nino Burjanadze, leader of the "Democratic Movement", unlike other politicians is resting from the pre elections vanity. At the same time her oppositional colleagues are actively involved in the elections campaign. They are conducting dozens of meetings, but she is only observing the situation from the outside. However Burjanadze as well conducts meetings, but in Moscow, not in Georgia ... She talked with news agency GHN about forthcoming elections, about Georgia's situation on international arena, and about the perspectives of Georgia in NATO membership
Interview of the Minister of Internal Affairs
09.04.10 | 18:16 2888
Your interview published few days ago in Russian daily "Komersant" is already proclaimed as a scandalous by Georgian society. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has already responded to the mentioned interview with an official statement which pointed that some ideas published in the interview were cut out from the context. However, the statement turned out to be unsatisfactory for the Georgian society
Soso Tsintsadze: it is time for new generations and for new force on oppositional arena
26.02.10 | 15:20 3536
Elections are near, but opposition still is divided. The "Alliance" factually dissolved, one of the leaders of opposition Eka Beselia parted from the political movement "For United Georgia". They said that she will leave politics as well. One more part of the opposition has own formula,
Nino Burjanadze: Maybe it was not proper, when we make an illusion that 100-150 people can change the existing regime
26.12.09 | 14:05 2682
One more year passed, which showed that nothing changed in Georgia. But if ever something changed, only to the worse. Politicians are constantly changing its offices from the opposition to the governance offices, form governance to the opposition...
Lali Moroshkina: I am on Georiga side but not on side of any politician
23.11.09 | 22:24 12372
The book of journalist Lali Moroshkina "I, President and the world champion" will became a bestseller of the year.
Sozar Subari: Fastest Way to Change non Democratic Policy - to come to Politics
27.09.09 | 17:25 3362
Former teacher, former Ombudsman wishes to "direct the Georgian politics to the right direction" and he believes that for this is necessary the political will, which authorities will show now after he will come to policy.
Kakha Baindurashvili: We are expecting the Economic Growth in Second Quarter
10.09.09 | 21:39 2598
In June Nika Gilauri, Georgian Prime Minister presented to society new financial package. According to PM the first results will be shown approximately in 3-4 month, the final one approximately in a year. Kakha Baindurashvili said that the new financial package already has yielded some results. The new financial project stipulates as well the rehabilitation of old Tbilisi. According to Minister, processes of European Bills and treasury were having a success. About the results after the new financial initiative Kakha Baindurashvili, Finance Minister talked with news agency GHN.

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