Georgia won Junior Eurovision Song Contest
04.12.11 | 13:26 1342
CANDY, a group of five girls from Georgia, won the contest for 10-15 year olds held in capital of Georgia's neighboring Armenia, Yerevan, on Saturday.
Fashion Week in Tbilisi to open on November 24
21.11.11 | 16:18 1447
The Fashion week in Tbilisi will open on November 24 in the "Tbilisi event hall". The Fashion week will host spectators till November 27. The organizers of the event said at the press conference that 14 designers will present its work at the event.
This day in History (1992) Hoxne Hoard found in Britain
16.11.11 | 17:54 1082
In 1992, a tenant farmer in the village of Hoxne, England, lost a hammer and asked a friend for help finding it with a metal detector
Georgian Actor Ramaz Chkhikvadze to be buried today
22.10.11 | 13:21 1876
Ramaz Chkhikvadze, well known Georgian Actor of the Rustaveli State Theatre will be buried today at the side of his wife Natasha Chkhikvadze, who died a month ago, GHN reports.
Ramaz Chkhikvadze, Georgian Actor dies at 83
18.10.11 | 11:43 1200
Ramaz Chkhikvadze, well known Georgian actor died on October 17 at the age 83, GHN reports.

"The époque ended! Genial actor died!" - Keti Dolidze, Film Director wrote in her wall at facebook.

Robert Sturua to take several actors to the "Et Cetera"
22.09.11 | 14:47 1581
Georgian Theatre Director Robert Sturua in the nearest future plans to continue his activity in the Moscow's "Et Cetera", the Russian media dissiminates this informaition
Robert Sturua asked Culture Minster to appoint him as a Theater impresario
18.09.11 | 17:22 1578
Robert Sturua, Art Director of the Rustaverli Theatre, who was dismissed recently under the order of Culture Minister, Nikoloz Rurua, published a letter over the facebook. He addresses in his letter to the Culture Minister, asking him to appoint to the position of the Rustaveli Theatre's manager. He gives explanations in his letter that an artist cannot be at the head of a Theatre.
John Malkovich was questioned by Georgian journalists
14.09.11 | 13:58 1990
In the hotel Radisson the press conference was held in connection with the Tbilisi International Theatre Festival. John Malkovich, American actor, producer and fashion designer (well known with his label Techno bohemian) was questioned by Georgian journalists.
Archeologic discovery may change history of Tbilisi establishing
14.09.11 | 12:41 1394
Unique discovery in the oldest part of the Georgian capital may soon change the history of founding Tbilisi. At the Metekhi Bridge, the archaeologists discovered the remains of the ancient mother-fortress while exploring the vicinities of the 40 martyrs` church
David Defy: who will risk financing my work?
09.09.11 | 18:54 1570
Poet and novelist David Defy Gogibedashvili continues his work under the 6-th novel - "The society of the beginning and the end". In conversation with GHN he noted that he as well works under two poetry books.


Nika Rurua: in 2012 in Georgia world famous Opera and Ballet Theatre will be
08.09.11 | 18:49 1713
The repair works are pending in the Tbilisi Zaqaria Paliashvili Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The Culture minister Nikoloz Rurua declared that the renowned Opera will became a world famous.
Spectators were invited from streets to Golden talent 2011-Batumi
08.09.11 | 15:36 1631
The international competition «Golden talent 2011-Batumi" very few spectators attend, as the ticket prices were too high. The administration decided to invite people without tickets to the performance.
Mamuka Charkviani dedicated new song for soldiers
07.09.11 | 17:47 2596
Musician Mamuka Charkviani works under new songs. After 12 years pause he hold first concert in the Tbilisi Big Concert Hall. He returned to his musical career.
Shtefan Zweig and Grigol Robaqidzes correspondence to be exhibited in Literature museum
07.09.11 | 16:54 1392
In the Literature Museum very soon the letters of Stefan Zweig and Grigol Robaqidze will be exhibited. Lasha Baqradze, museum director said to GHN that several very interesting letters were found
Robert Sturua: now is a time to think carefully
07.09.11 | 15:06 1513
Robert Sturua, Theater Director said the Georgian government passed to Russian Federation whole South Ossetia and Abkhazia. As well no problem will be for the government to refuse his art.
Literature Museum gets Grigol Robakidzes correspondence
06.09.11 | 09:38 1221
Today on September 6 at 12:00 the Literature Museum will get the private correspondence of Famous Georgian thinker Grigol Robakidze.
Buba Kikabidze to be starred in Armenian film
05.09.11 | 18:38 1728

Buba Kikabidze will be stared in new film. The GHN was informed from his producers; the film will be captured by Armenian film director. The only Georgian actor in this film will be Vakhtang (Buba) Kikabidze.
British Actors shocked for Robert Stutuas dismissal
04.09.11 | 13:53 2980
Vanessa Redgrave, famous British actress, Alan Riks and Telma Hot published a letter in the Guardian concerning the dismissal fact of Robert Sturua.


Tomorrow in Mestia festival Svanseti to be held
02.09.11 | 18:31 1651
Tomorrow on September 3 the festival SVANSETI 2011 will be held. In the frames of this festival the "Altervision group" and the "Georgian records" will present the "White God" of Irakli Charkviani
Zinaida Kverenchkhiladze, Peoples Artist died
02.09.11 | 17:35 1669
Zinaida Kverenchkhiladze, 79 died as a result of a long lasting disease, GHN reports.

Zinaida Kverenchkhiladze was born in August 25 of 1932. From 1956 she was an Actress in Shota Rustaveli Theatre. From 1070 she was working in the Theatre Institute at the Cathedra of Actors Mastery. In 1990 under her initiative the Dmanisi Theatre studio was established in Qvemo Qartli.

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