Ivanishvilis legal suit against Georgian President to be heard today
20.12.11 | 10:31 573
Bidzina Ivanishvili's and his wife Ekaterine Khvedelidze's case against Georgian President, the Court will hear today.


ECtHR: Khodorkovsky is not a political prisoner
17.12.11 | 13:55 598
The European Court of Human Rights delivered a final judgment concerning the Khodorkovsky's case (former Yukos head). The verdict was announced in May this year, and the application for the review of the case was sent later.
Tbilisi City Court to review Ivanishvilis case
12.12.11 | 10:00 577
Today on December 12 at 14:00 the Tbilisi City Court will hold a chief hearing concerning Ivanishvili and his wife Ekaterina Khvedelidze's case.
Rustavi2 cameraman released by Russian militia
08.12.11 | 11:00 553
The Rustave2 TV informs that Moscow militia has released the cameraman hired by Rustavi2, who was detained while covering opposition protests on Tuesday night. The cameraman was released after paying 500 ruble fine.
Maestro TV founders to appeal against recent Court decision
08.12.11 | 08:15 410
The founders of Maestro TV will make an appellation against the recent decision of City Court. Ilia Kikabidze, Director General of Maestro TV declared this to the news agency GHN.


Glonti: Court decision shows that with Maestro fights not Kitsmarishvili but Saakashvili
07.12.11 | 19:26 526
The Court decision showed that against Maestro fights not Erosi Kitsmarishvili but Saakashvili. Mamuka Glonti, owner of the Maestro TV said this to the news agency GHN.
City Court banned 100% shares of Maestro TV
07.12.11 | 19:15 492
The City Court banned 100% of shares of Maestro TV. GHN was informed about this fact in the TV company. Managers are not discussing
Probation Minister: number of imprisonments decreased
07.12.11 | 16:40 403
Khatuna Kalmakhelidze, Probation and Legal Assistance Minister said that the number of imprisonments is not rising as speedily as it was the case before. She made a statement today at the joint sitting of two Parliamentary Committees. However she did not reveal exact figures in this respect.
Parliament summons probation Minister
07.12.11 | 10:29 587
Today on December 7 Parliament to summon Khatuna Kalmakhelidze, Probation Minister. She will present new legislative initiative at the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee concerning new type of punishment.


The London Arbitrate Court to review the case against Fux and Frenkel
29.11.11 | 12:14 481
On November 30, the London Arbitrate Court will review the case of Israeli businessmen detained in Georgia for the bribery attempt of government official, GHN reports.
Two Georgians detained in Italy
21.11.11 | 13:45 397

Two Georgian citizens are detained in Italy with charges in robbery, GHN reports. They were detained at the site with red hands. According to the dissiminated informaiton, they took EUR15 000 and gold. The italian police opened a criminal case against them.
Statement of the Supervisory Board, Cartu Bank
02.11.11 | 19:23 652
Statement of the Supervisory Board, Cartu Bank
150 Georgians faced deportation from Turkey
27.10.11 | 12:21 531
The large-scale deportation as a result of the special operation against illegal employers and residents in Turkey was carried out. The Police in Turkey was preparing for it over a year.


Georgian MIA returned to Bidzina Ivanishvili stones for occultism
24.10.11 | 19:20 441
The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to return expropriated stones, minerals and occultism journals to Bidzina Ivanishvili, GHN reports.
Turkish court starts hearings Ochkhikidzes` case
17.10.11 | 11:56 608
Turkish court starts hearings over Georgian nationals, a mother and her daughter accused in killing a 9-year-old Turkish child.
Strasbourg Court to hear case Georgia v. Russia concerning August war
22.09.11 | 12:49 699
Today European Court of Human Rights holds a hearing under inter-state application lodged by Georgia against Russia in connection to the August, 2008 war.
Shorena Khangoshvili released from imprisonment
20.09.11 | 12:11 842
Shorena Khangoshvili, former journalist and employee of Rodi Scott Fund was released from imprisonment. The Kakheti regional information center provides with this information
SOD detained former journalist
17.09.11 | 18:23 761
Shorena Khangoshvili, former journalist was detained by SOD ( MIA's Special Operative Department). Her relatives said she was deceived by SOD employs at her detention, as they used a well known trick and forcefully put narcotics in her bag to have a ground
for her detention.
Beselia: prisoners were beaten severely in Qsani Prison
08.09.11 | 18:27 605
Eka Beselia, leader of "Solidarity for Illegal Prisoners" informs that in the Qsani No 15 prison prisoners were severely beaten.


GYLA to present proofs in Nika Kvintradzes case concerning deprivation of his life
06.09.11 | 10:57 730
On September 6 at 12:00 GYLA chair Tamar Chugoshvili will hold a press conference concerning the case of Nika Kvintradze's deprivation of life.

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