Manana Nikolaishvili: we have to move to the direction children to enter the school from 7 years old age
 Tbilisi 15:16 - 27.01.15 «GHN»
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During last several days the Informational Agency GHN was contacted by several parents and asked for help. Concretely the parents express pretension regarding the registration of first formers and ask to make changes. According to active norm in Georgia there is possible to receive elementary education from 6 year old age. The parents state that if the academic year begins from September 15 and if their child becomes 6 year old at September 20 they can't register the child in the public school and it turns out that because of five days the child wastes whole year. Because of this parents ask to make changes in the law and to determine reasonable term and children of this category will not waste the year because of several days. About this issue GHN talked to the expert in the issues of education Manana Nikolaishvili.
- Mr. Manana is the pretensions of parents are adequate and is there is necessity for changes in this direction?
- No reasonable term. 6 year old age shouldn't lack even one day, it harms health of children. Before 7 years old children were brought to school not 6. Since children of 6 year old are received in public schools exactly this damaged the system of education and the quality of education decreased. The child should be at least 7 years old while bringing to school, this is the best. Before child is not developed to begin learning scientific basis. Alphabet is most tough to learn, when child begins to learn structures and basis of the language, mainly on native language.
- It turns that you don't agree to make new regulations in this direction?
- No, no. Moreover we have to move to the direction children to enter the school from 7 years old age. The fact made by the government of Saakashvili when there was possible to bring children to school from 5 year old provoked massively tough deceases. And why these parents are in a hurry? They have to think. They push the child towards failure. The decision of the Ministry of Education has not received this decision alone - experts, psychologists participated in the discussion of the issue. You have to see that secret researches carried out by National Movement and you will see what kind of tough deceases where unveiled in children.

GHN - talked Miranda Nabakhteveli

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