Ia Metreveli will be interrogated in the Prosecutor`s Office
 Tbilisi 15:40 - 28.01.15 «GHN»
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On the information released by the public defender yesterday Ia Metreveli will be interrogated in the Prosecutor's Office. As Ia Metreveli explained to the journalists she will be contacted from investigative organ and will say when she has to appear in the Prosecutor's Office, reports GHN.
The public defender of Georgia applied the main prosecutor of Georgia to immediately begin investigation based on the information provided by the prisoner L.S and also to take all necessary measures to protect safety of the prisoner.
With the explanation of the public defender he was applied by the prisoner L.S where he stated that he was arrested in July 2008 by the collaborators of the department of the criminal police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Giorgi Khizanishvili and Giogi Chanturia, after this he was brought to Irakli Firtskhalava and Kakha Legashvili in the department of criminal police.
L.S stated that Irakli Firtskhalava threatened with charging for drug crime and instead of the release he had to kill the mother of killed Buta Robakidze Ia Metreveli. Also he had to find the person who would testify against Zurab Vazagashvili about committing crime by him.
Irakli Firtskhalava promised L.S release and immunity on the drug crime. L.S states that he didn't have choice and agreed on the offered collaboration.
According to the task L.S had to commit murder in the shop under the scenario of robbery, after this he would be arrested but he wouldn't lack anything in prison, among them drugs also. As L.S states after this conversation he was walking around on Saburtalo allegedly to gather information about Zura Vazagashvili. After this he travelled in neighbor country for some time. After the beginning of the war in 2008 he returned in Tbilisi and contacted Giorgi Khizanishvili who said to him that there was no time to discuss the cased mentioned above, that he had to have patience and after this they would continue working.
L.S left Georgia again for some time, after returning he was arrested by the collaborators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and for the committing of drug crime he was sentenced for 10 years.
As L.S explains that he refrained from the dissemination of the information because of the active regime at that time and now he asks proper reaction and is ready to testify to the Prosecutor's Office and to the court.

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