Maia Panjikidze: it is tragic if the government guesses that Russian market is trap and doing nothing to find new markets
 Tbilisi 15:38 - 30.01.15 GHN
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The former Minister of Foreign Affairs Maia Panjikidze while talking with GHN estimates the statement made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Washington and states that it is tragic if the government guesses that Russian market is "trap" and doing nothing to find new markets.
According to her statement the government is absolutely inert and doesn't make propaganda of the potential and perspectives of the association agreement.
"At that time the format of Abashidze-Karasin was created to bring relations with Russia in new stage, to find common interest spheres and to find out if we could collaborate on some issues. In spite of the fact that Russia is occupant and the political dialogue took place in the format of Geneva negotiations and Abashidze-Karasini format shouldn't touch political issues. For some time this format was successful, because it became possible to open Russian market for Georgian products. However we warned entrepreneurs that Russian market could be not stable and not to stop to find the possibilities to enter European market. The agreement of deep and comprehensive trade with European Union is already in action and from September 1 the entrepreneurs have possibility without any kind of restrictions and fees to bring production on European market, but the government is absolutely inert in this direction, instead of explaining to the population and entrepreneurs the potential of the association agreement with European Union, its perspectives. Georgian production knows Russian market, but if in a parallel regime will not take place propaganda of European market in the population, that was doing Alex Petriashvili while being the Minister, he was visiting every village and was explaining what kind of benefit could bring the association agreement. In other case Georgian entrepreneurs will not be able to enter European market. The statement that Russian market is "trap" and that can be used embargo is not new. It is tragic that in a parallel regime the government is not doing anything to find new markets. This is the problem," stated Panjikidze while talking with GHN.
With the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Tamar Beruchashvili the government of Georgia considers as "trap" Russian market. Beruchashvili stated about this in Washington while talking with the correspondent of radio "Freedom", reports GHN. "We are temporarily halting the dialogue with Russia on trade issues, it has no sense. Russia can at any moment can impose embargo," stated Beruchashvili while talking with the correspondent of radio "Freedom". As Beruchashvili said Russia "continues destructive steps" concerning political issues; the last example for such kind of action was "signing of so called agreement about strategic partnership and integration with Sukhumi occupation regime."


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