Elene Tevdoradze: as deputy I didnt have right to write any kind recommendation and I have never written it
 Tbilisi 13:15 - 04.02.15 GHN
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"As deputy I didn't have right to write any kind recommendation and I have never written it," stated while talking with GHN the former deputy Elene Tevdoradze in the air of Rustavi 2 while responding to the accusation of Levan Gabunia.
As she said she didn't know Iuri Vazagashvili personally and he met him only after the special operation of courts.
"Iuri Vazagashvili came to me when the accident of the courts happened, before I have never seen this man in my working room. When the accident of courts happened he came together with his wife and lawyer. I used to receive many applications concerning different facts, I don't remember any kind of application about Zurab Vazagashvili, however it was possible that such kind of document existed. However the single right I had as deputy was to address the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the case rightly. I didn't have right to do other things. That's why I don't know what they are talking about and only can laugh about money. Simply I felt pity for Vazagashvili's,"
stated Tevdoradze while talking with GHN.
We remind that yesterday in the air of Rustav 2 Levan Gabunia explained that in 2002 Beka Papuashvili was killed by his Zurab Vazagashvili and his friends and his son witnessed it.
According to his explanation Iuri Vazagashvili paid 70 thousand dollars for the freedom of his son and his friends them to avoid prosecution for the murder of Beka Papuashvili, however Gabunia also marked that he has no evidences to prove this.
"The investigation about the murder of Beka Papuashvili has begun immediately, the same day were arrested Zurab Vazagashvili and his friends, but they were freed the same day because Iuri Vazagashvili paid 70 thousand dollars to the Prosecutor's Office of Vake-Sburtalo, every investigator was talking about this who were working on the case of my son. The recommendation of Elene tevdoradze played big role in the case of release of Zurab Vazagashvili and she was mediator between investigators and Vazagashvili. Also here played the role involvement of the head of the police of Saburtalo region. The recommendation of Elene Tevdoradze exists and maybe she even received something instead," stated Levan Gabunia.

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