Eka Kvesitadze: the video material released by MIA in fact strengthens the facts represented in TV show
 Tbilisi 14:32 - 15.02.15 «GHN»
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The statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs according to which the law enforcement agency and the deputy of the Minister accuse the host of TV program Eka Kvesirtadze in lie, the author of TV program responds in the social net and marks that the video material resealed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs doesn't deny but confirms and strengthens her information, reports GHN.
Responding to the shocking facts of "Different Accents" ("Gansxvavebuli aqcentebi") that unfortunately confirm how the Ministry of Internal Affairs collaborate with criminal world. The Ministry of Internal Affairs released video material in which it accuses our TV program in lie, in fact it strengthens the facts represented in the TV show. The fact that the Ministry of Internal Affairs couldn't respond to none of the concrete fact that were named in our TV program, among them video evidences of the deportation of so called "legal thief" Mindia Goradze with nickname "Lavas Ogli", Giorgi Janelidze with nickname "Gogi Piterski" and Jumber Gugava from Russia and Ukraine, makes our society sure one more time that we are right. As for the broadcasting of video material from Sarfi checkpoint that supposedly depicts accused person in murder Ramaz Devadze it really shows that the passport of this person really was checked by the system of the border and we presented this evidence in our TV program (we remind that we released the document that we received from informational base of the Ministry, that confirms that accused person in murder Ramaz Devadze crossed the state border).
At the same time the video material shows that moment when Devadze was arrested and it is not certain where is taken from the hall or where policemen lead the suspected person in crime. Besides there is indicated when this video material is taken. The concern of the representative of the Ministry that the authors of TV program didn't want to check these facts is hypocrisy.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs haven't responded to our letter yet where we demand explanation of the reason of dismissal of the deputy of the former head of the police main division of Adjara Revaz Urushadze, the reason for this became the fact that so called legal thief "Lavas Ogli" was stopped on the border. Also we remind that the information about crossing of the border by Ramaz Devadze was released one month and half ago. It is strange that the video material "confirming" that the border was crossed was found by the Ministry one month and half ago, if the Ministry wants to respond to the questions of our TV program we will listen with great pleasure to their answers if there was created the photo material in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who ordered to install bomb near the house of the former deputy of the Minister of Internal Affairs Gia Lorkifanidze, how the investigation of Barbare Rafaliantsi is going on and etc. P.S. The Ministry had not answered on these important questions or after the promise that they would answer they didn't answer the telephone calls. We hope that on the next TV show the representatives of the Ministry will be more operative, with more responsibility and will answer on our questions timely," states Kvesitadze.




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