With the explanation of Archil Talakvadze the information of TV program released in ?€?Different Accents?€™ is not true
 Tbilisi 15:10 - 15.02.15 «GHN»
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The deputy of the Minister of Internal Affairs Archil Talakvadze responds to the information released in TV program "Different Accent" according to which the policeman arrested the accused person Rezav Devadze, who is accused in murder of Tarash Mukbaniani, when he crossed the neutral territory, reports GHN.
With the statement of the deputy of the Minister the information released in TV program is not true. With his explanation the authors of the TV program didn't even apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to confirm factual data.
"The authors of the TV program didn't even apply us to confirm actual data that makes us think that supposedly it was made because it would be beneficial for this TV program to say the truth to the society. Here also want to say and remind to everyone that Mr. Devadze right now is in prison, he is arrested and his single protector according to legislation is his lawyer. I want to show this recording and explain what actually happened and to see with your own eye that this man was arrested in short period of time after the accident so that policemen didn't even allow him to cross the border of Georgia not to mention neutral territory. This accident was misinterpreted in a wrong way in the TV program, as I know this case didn't have any kind of connection to the murder of policeman and to the accused person. So I can deny that release of any kind of policeman happened in connection with concrete criminal authority. I want to use the opportunity and to say to every police officer with this TV air that the fight with criminal continues in regime as we had begun and the fight will be uncompromising among them with the leaders of criminal and criminal subculture. As for free movement if you call free movement the fact that during two years dozens of people were accused because they were members of thief world, dozens of authorities are in prison now, arrested exactly by our police, for the activity that is connected to the world of thief. I don't think that after all this someone has basis to accuse our government in the protection of criminal authority," states Talakvadze.


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