Giorgi Badashvili: creation of the new department was provoked by the big number of announcements and their content uniformity
 Tbilisi 14:20 - 04.03.15 «GHN»
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The main Prosecutor Giorgi Badashvili informed the representatives of the media about the main principles that provoked the creation of the investigative department of the crime that is committed in the process of litigation in his organ, reports GHN. "Creation of special structural unit was provoked by the big number of announcements and their content uniformity. Exactly for the big number of the cases to refine the legal reaction, for reaction on separate facts and for increase of organizational quality we made decision to be continued the litigation on the facts that contain information about possible crime committed by public servants by the special department," stated Badashvili.
In the main Prosecutor's Office of Georgia there was created the department of investigation of the crime committed in the process of litigation, that will investigate the crimes committed by public servants, according to which the citizens were cased physical and material damage.
Concretely the department will be oriented to investigate the criminal facts indicated in the complaint-announcements that came into the Prosecutor's Office from October 1, 2012. Between them the priority will be given to the investigation of those crimes cuch as: facts of illegal deprivation of the property and facts of violence, that contains beating-torment, inhuman and degrading attitude and all those crimes in committing of which will be denounced the public servant of the person equal to it.
This department was recruited with the staff of the head of the department, the deputy of the department, 4 Prosecutors, 10 investigators and 4 coordinators. In the process of the recruiting of the department there was considered public interest and the staff were chosen with special caution. As investigators and Prosecutors there were appointed the persons there are no pretension in the complaint-proposals that came into Prosecutor's Office.


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