The Future of Poker is Online
 Tbilisi 10:33 - 16.11.15 «GHN»
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Since the Georgian gambling company, "Europe-Bet" was acquired by "Betsson" in June, 2015, the company's development strategy has been increasingly keeping up with the world's top trends. With the most of revenue coming from online betting and gaming, "Europe-Bet" is making further progress in improving and diversifying this particular entertainment field. Influenced by global trends, "Europe-Bet" has made the decision to close the "Poker Room" - offline pokerspace and focus immensely on the needs and wants of online consumers, offering enjoyable and quality gaming experience.

Despite the closure of the "Poker Room", "Europe-Bet" will continue to run local and international poker tournaments across Georgia. Let us remind you, that "Europe-Bet" was the first company, which become exclusive partner of World Poker Tour, organized two important international tournaments in Tbilisi in 2015 and hosted UPS tournaments. "Europe-Bet" will continue similar offers to poker players and fans; it also doesn't exclude re-opening of international level Poker Room based on the market demand.

Today, online gaming has an impressive growth trend, because consumers can benefit from multiple and diverse offers. Each choice is personal and matches/fits the experience and requirements of players. The Future of Poker is Online and consequently, providers are striving for perfection.

"Europe-Bet" jointly with "Betsson Group" is focused on programming and software development. "Europe-Bet" is a forerunner and the only one with iOS and Android fully kitted Apps in Georgia. "Europe-Bet" Strategy for 2016-2017 will be aimed at improvement and development, easing users playing experience, and making new steps toward mobile solutions and service quality.

*About Europe-Bet
Founded in 2010, has established itself as the largest independent operator in Georgian regulated gaming market and the region, offering Sportsbook, Poker, Casino and Mobile games online and offline. From the very first days, has been operating its independent online poker room and organizing numerous tournaments series and has become an official partner of World Poker Tour in Georgia, 2015. In the same year, Europe-Bet was acquired by Betsson Group, the leading company with more than 50 years of experience in the gaming business.
**About Betsson Group
Betsson Group is a leading player in the Nordics and Netherlands active with more than 20 brands globally. Betsson operates a multi-brand strategy with several local strong brands such as,,,, among others. Some brands are only present in one market, while others are active in more than 20 markets globally. In Eastern Europe Betsson is mainly operating in Poland and the Baltics, Betsson has a local license in Estonia and operates in Turkey through a B2B partner. With the Europe-Bet brand in the portfolio Betsson Group continues to build its strategic position in the region.

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