In 1921-1990 by Soviet regime there are shoot 17000 people in Georgia and exiled-300000 people
 Tbilisi 11:56 - 25.02.16 «GHN»
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On February 25, 95 years have passed since the occupation of Georgia by Bolshevik Russia.
News Agency "GHN" was interested about the criminal actions against the population of Georgia committed by the Soviet occupation.
Unfortunately, the archives do not allow us to accurately account for the number of victims of the Soviet regime. However, according to the archives of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Georgia, GHN found out that the victims of the Soviet regime and the repression are more than 500 thousand people.
In 1921-1990 there are shoot more than 17000 people for various "crimes". The data is not perfect, as GHN was told in archive lots of cases have been burnt down.
Also, the data is incomplete about the exiled people in 1937-1938 year. According to the available data of the archive more than 13000 people have been exiled during two years.
Quite remarkable is the point of exiled in echelons by the list of echelon in 1941-1951 years - 113800 people. This data is incomplete as well, because almost 4000 case have been burnt down for that period.
While working on the materials it was found out that the secondary data of the echelon list is more than 300000 people.
These points are set out following: If the Bolshevik government for unreliable or other charges imprisoned even 1 person, in exile - Echelon list, was sent each member of their family. For example, there are documents in the archives that because of unreliability of a particular person, there were exiled seven members of his family, but there were registered only as one.
It should be noted that, exiled by the Echelon list, who survived, after past time were returning home. But quite a lot of archival material approves, that they met again in exile.
GHN is thankful to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia for the support in finding the archived materials.

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