Wine s alien criminals: French farmers vs Spanish counterparts
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The Europeans, primarily the farmers of course, have been worried about the situation in the agriculture sector on the European continent for a long time. They have been attending the street rallies every day seeking for the government's support as if they were going to their jobs.
Yet another dispute between the French and Spanish farmers ended with French wine maker's protest, who sent two cisterns of Spanish wine gushing onto the motorway in Le Boulou, eastern France.

The French farmers decided to protect their rights and start protest against the foreign counterparts themselves. They halted two Spanish trucks near the Spain's border, turned on the taps of tankers full of red wine being transported from Spain, allowing it to gush out onto the motorway tarmac. With this protest they objected to the fall of price on their product.

As the Local newspaper has reported, the authorities in Madrid have already sent a note of protest to French authorities in Paris and to European Union as well.

It was not the first incident of destruction of imported product by farmers, who wanted to let the officials know what a catastrophe the import of foreign wine was for their businesses.

For instance, in February, 2015, some two thousand farmers marched in the streets of Alcanar municipality protesting the EU sanctions imposed against Russia. They dropped tones of citrus on the ground then.

The protestors were dissatisfied with the compensation the government had allocated for the redundant lemon and orange harvest.

Also, Spanish Prime Minister José Manuel García-Margallo stated then that the sanctions imposed to Russia had brought 21 billion EURO damage to the European Union.
After the Russian Federation introduced responding sanctions against European Union, which also touched the European farmers, they launched street rallies by burning down the flag of the European Union publicly.

In February 2016, the French farmers dropped hay and manure on the motorways in large quantities, burnt tyres in protest to the fall of prices on milk and fork, which was also the outcome of the EU sanctions against Russia. Local taxi drivers and the persons running oyster business joined their rallies too.
In the French city of Chartres, about 300 farmers organized arally - they took rotten fruit and manure with thirty tractors and dropped them outside the office of the local agriculture department and the city hall.
Besides, the farmers blocked up motorways near the Spanish and German borders to halt the trucks importing product from abroad.

The Greek farmers objected to the fact that Russia had banned the import of products with over three thousand trucks from Europe as a responding act for the EU sanctions. The farmers failed to sell the harvest, which they had no way but to give it away for free. Primarily it was given to the homeless and the poor, and the rest of the product was sent to fruit juice factories.

In the English city of Stafford the local farmers led cows to a supermarket. They went close to the stalls of diary and started to drop the product down in protest of the fall of the prices, due to which they failed to cover expenses.

Belgian farmers had to block up the motorways to get in the focus of the authorities. They were urging the government to raise of prices on milk, which had fallen to 25 cents per liter following the cancellation of quotas, which made their business unprofitable. Many of them emphasized that the real reason of the crisis was the Russian industrial embargo.

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