Catherine Roussell doomed by Georgian-French laws - Lets help her
 Tbilisi 15:11 - 23.05.16 «GHN»
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Some days ago my friend notified me over the Face Book, Catherine Roussell, public figure in Georgia is doomed by Georgian-French laws.
Turns out that the French embassy in Georgia is not able to help her only because the reason that the French legislation prohibits spending such big amount of money. And the Georgian legislation on healthcare is not responsible to help other country's citizen. This was the only thing that I find out from my friend's telling.
Afterwards I detected that neither private insurance companies are concluding agreements with the cancer patients, moreover they cannot even donate any painkillers to such patients. At the end, the institutions of these two countries are dooming people to death.
I asked friends of Catherine at Face Book to explain me in details, what happens. In some days I got replies. I will tell the story later. Now I am addressing to everybody: Georgians, French people, businessmen, the medical institution heads, the healthcare, the insurance companies to help Catherine and show that the human nature is not only ungratefulness, but is generous in fact. The morality above all laws is.
Here is what Catherine wrote me:
"I have a health problem, I cannot move to my country, this can cause complications. Very suddenly metastases are grooving. The Consulate has not sums of money for such case to help me to undergo a cure in Georgia. And despite my big merits in Georgia local legislation does not envisages any help from funds for foreigner. Accordingly, I have not any insurance, neither the private companies insurance are possible, as I am a cancer patient. Also I cannot be assigned for the donations of strong tranquilizers. I have to pay for this by my own. All recourses are exhausted I undergo 4 surgeries. I am in a terrible situation.

As you know it is already 3 years as I am a public figure in Georgia. I am a good will envoy representing one establishment. I conducted many projects in different areas for exchanging experience. I am a vice President at Accountant's body and established contacts with USA for increasing of experiences in Georgia. Also I am a President of Georgian-French international organization. For this I have established a multilateral cooperation with Tbilisi and Kutaisi City Halls. Also I established contacts between Tbilisi and Strasbourg City Halls.

For foreign pupils the public schools were paid, thanks to my efforts, since 2015 they are free of charge. I was helping different organizations, orphans, socially deprived persons, pensioners.
That's all, maybe I omitted something. I did all this because I love Georgia much. My child learned the Georgian language in France. Here, some time my child, 11 years old, was attending French school , and afterwards entered the Georgian public school. He tells he is "French Tbilisian" He loves Georgia much and sings Georgian songs...
Thank You, "- Catherine wrote me.

And finally, I ask all of you - let's help Catherine! Let's show her 11 old child that the biggest value is a human being and let him love not only Georgia and France but a human being!
Catherine's child needs a mother, Catherine needs her child, and we can make a great gift for them - let them be with each other.
I ask journalists especially, editors, founders, producers, owners - please be interested with this case only in a positive context. Now it is not a time to revise who passed a bad legislation and who is bounded only by laws' strict frames. Now it is a time to help Catherine and we should do it.

With hope for compassion,

Gocha Mirtskhulava

General Director of News Agency GHN 

P.S. I make a huge efforts for obtaining Catherine's bank account number from her

Bank of Georgia, bank code BAGAGE 22
Beneficiary's number: GE02BG0000000368858600
Catherine Roussell

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