Murder in Khurcha Russian Imperialism and Abkhazian Nazism
 Tbilisi 18:50 - 27.05.16 «GHN»
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On May 19 about 14:00 fatal shooting of a local man at the Khurcha-Nabakevi crossing point on the Administrative Boundary Line happens. Armed security actors from the Abkhaz side of the bridge crossed over to Tbilisi Administered Territory. As a result Giga Othkhozoria, 31 was horribly killed. One bullet to his head appeared to be fatal Nonetheless having other wounds in his leg and abdominal area the last one was decisive.
Notwithstanding the fact that in Zugdidi a high level hospital is, where even ethnic Abkhaz people are welcomed to be cured and have a free medical package for surgeries; for the local man the services of this hospital were useless. As a result of such policy in Healthcare the locals in Samegrelo are now willing to change its surnames, to be appearing like Abkhazians. For instance ethnic megrelian surname Ezugbaia might be changed to Ezugba that looks like an Abkhazian surname.
The result of such a "vise" policy is that Abkhazians having a terrible Georgian phobias closed the Georgian schools banned any learning processes on Georgian language; restrained the "borderline regime". The tragic outcome has become this horrible killing.
This was a consequence of a political schizophrenia of previous government.

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For proper understanding of the happening at Khurcha we should take into account that this village on the right bank on the "Abkhazian side" of the Enguri River is located. Nevertheless, in administrative terms the village always belonged to Zugdidi region. Even the leader of rabid Nazist leader Vladislav Ardzinba was very cautious in entering this village (yet after the victory in 1993).

At the Khurcha entrance (from the Eastern side) so-called border check point is located, that is supported by Russian Border guards. At the same time the actual decision who is to be passed and who not relies on Abkhazians only.

Nobody is arguing that Giga Othkhozoria was unarmed. Even the Abkhazian government agrees with this fact. Seems like he was crossing often the borderline in Gali region. Possibly he has his own small private business. However at that time the reason was providing with food products his relatives. The conflict and arguing was incited by the fact that the movement from Khurcha to Gali never before was a serious problem. The situation hardened only for the last time. This happen after Abkhazian regime "adequately" reacted to the "vise" politics of official Tbilisi. The situation at the border was restricted so hardly that it was almost impossible to cross the border.

The murder is (who shot him to head) is detected - Khanji Ogli, 27 living in Tkvarcheli and serving there his military service. He is not, at the same time, accountable at Russian military service. In fact he is Abkhazian settled here from Turkey. They are namely those Abkhazians who were exhaled from Georgia in 19 century and now they are occupying homes left after refugees. All this is a consequence of the same very "vise" politics. They are returning most of all crossing the Georgian state territory to Tkvatcheli. As a rule they have Turkish name and surnames.
A very interesting is a fact that when this villain find out that he was identified by a camera when committing this crime, he change his surname to Russian one and his profile in the social network "Odnoklassniki".
This happen because the Abkhazian government is interested in blaming Russians in all killings - the previous ones and present. At the Georgian press a wide information wave raised before on "killings committed by Russian militaries".
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Secessionists are often using such tricks when it is necessary to cover a crime. The Georgian public is unable to notice the conflict of interests between Russian Imperialism and Abkhazian Nazism.
No doubt they are acting jointly against Georgia. But its interests are not coinciding very often. Abkhazian secessionists cannot play own game sometimes when it is a "right time and right place".
In other words the anti Georgian alliance between Kremlin's Imperialism and Sokhumi Nazism has a case-by-case basis. However, this does not mean Abkhazian nationalists are always acting directed by Kremlin.
And believe me in fact that murder Rashid Khanji Ogli hates Russians, because he is an ancestor of those Abkhazians who were exhaled from Abkhazia in 1864.
But the murder that fled Khurcha changed his surname in the social network's profile from Turkish to Russian one. He was advised to do so. And advisers were not Russian but Abkhazian special services agents. Russian Foreign Ministry underlined that "Khanji Oghli" was not registered at any Russian Border Military services or other official Russian military formations.
"We know all this a game is! In fact he is the same Russian military - what a difference is, "one and the same". What a difference is, will it be named the Abkhazian Border Regulations or the Russian Border Army." This is what in Georgia people think about this.

Such very simplified attitude, leads us a very complicated discussions to the straight and rude definitions. This keeps us away from the refined technological and vise decisions on the deepening of the contradictions which does exist between Russian Imperialism and Abkhazian Nazism.

And the contradictions are more and more visible: the Church problem; the sale of the property, a real estate; relations of secessionists with Turkey and a mass settlement of Turkish nationals (like Khanji Oghli) to Abkhazia. All this, a very undesirable for Moscow is. To addition a very impolite attitude to Russian tourists: killings (for instance killing of Russian diplomat Visherniov, as well killing of businessman Klemantovich by Abkhazian Parliamentarian), and many other questions which we can use for our favor. However we cannot exploit such opportunities. From one side the public approach opposes to the rational, healthy cynical and pragmatic approach. And from other side the government does not have enough qualification and a will to implement this.
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The clear example of this the next one silly declaration of "diplomats" on Khurcha incident: "This killing shows that Khurcha region out of the control is, and full responsibility for this on Russian side is. As soon as,  namely Russia occupied this region and is responsible for everything."

Any European, who unbiased is, when reading this inevitably will ask a question, if the region is out of the control then, what Russia is doing there. As the inconsistency evident is.
Much more vise and diplomatically correct would be if one say: This horrible killing happens because in Abkhazia xenophobic government come into power. They are killing Georgians only because of the fact  they Georgians are. This government violates human rights, destroys Georgian schools, prohibits education on Georgian language. And such an inhuman government enjoys Russian political military and economic support!

Much more effective and advantageous would be to make accents in such way as it is above mentioned, but a straightforward policy of Tbilisi government that appeared to be a contradictory one, opens Abkhazians a way to its outrageous behavior and as well restricts maneuvering actions for the Georgian policy in Abkhazia for using the conflicting Russian - Abkhazian relations. Unfortunately for the Georgian politics such simple truths unclear are. For instance the April 4 of 1989, when the public demonstration against Abkhazian Nazism change its original direction and outgrows into stupid slogan against the "Russian Imperialism". This makes impossible any political technology and gave a chance to Abkhazian nazists. So we always will loose if will not remember that we have two terrible enemies - Russian Imperialism and Abkhazian Nazism. But we have to remember that they have a deep systematic contradictions and a conflict of interests. This we have to use wisely.

Mikheil Getsadze

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