Strasbourg Court to deliver judgment on ex Interior Minister
 Tbilisi 13:09 - 14.06.16 «GHN»
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Today the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights will deliver a judgment on Merabishvili's case, ex-Internal Affairs Minister of Georgia and ex-Prime Minister. The ECtHR web page reads that the European Court of Human Rights will announce its decision in relation to a complaint presented by Georgia's former Interior Minister, Vano Merabishvili, on June 14.

He was detained in 2013 on May 21. Merabishvili claims that the decision on his pre-trial detention on May 22 and may 25 was based on unclear legislative norms and was politicaly biased, the government wished him to keep him out of the political life. He believes this cased a subsequent weakness of the National Movement.

Taking such decision, he believes the government prevented him to take part in a 2013 presidential elections. He climes he was questioned late night in a Procurator's Office while being detained in a predetention facility. As the ex-MIA's Minister climes the questioning in December 14 of 2013 - concerning Jvania's killing and ex-President's offshore accounts, was conducted in a derogative manner, that degrades human dignity. He gave all evidences to the investigative bodies, but no criminal case was opened on this question.

The ECtHR will deliver a judgment on Merabishvili's case on June 14 and 16 in written form.

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