NATO and the EU desert Georgia Washington Post
 Tbilisi 13:09 - 17.06.16 «GHN»
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The Washington Post published yesterday on June 16 an article: NATO and the E.U. desert Georgia. At the Warsaw summit the question of the MAP for Georgia will not be discussed. The author of this article also notes that based on anonymous information, the talks about a widening of NATO will be discussed in December; however the MAP for Georgia is not decided for that time.

The high rank of NATO declares, they agreed that all decisions about NATO broadening will be taken in December, to avoid debates at Warsaw summit. He is not sure that in December Georgia will get a MAP.

The article also reads that for the countries supporting Georgia very unclear is why the Montenegro was accepted recently to the Alliance, the country where a very high level of corruption is. As well to compare with Georgia Montenegro has a minimal participation in peacekeeping operations unlike Tbilisi. Also the structural reforms are far better in Georgia.

Germany and France most of all other countries are against of MAP for Georgia. They are considering this will irritate Russian Federation. And the Georgian Defense Minister disappointed is with this fact. Tina Khidasheli, Georgian Defense Minister tells that they are talking too much what the Russian Federation needs and very little what needs NATO.

The Washington Post recalls that in March of 2008 at the Bucharest summit, Germany and France veto the MAP for Georgia, and in 5 month Russia invaded Georgian Republic. The article also reads that the Germany, France and Italy also are blocking the visa liberalization for Georgia; despite the fact that EC approved, Tbilisi fulfilled all VLAP requirements. The Germany declares that the Georgian Dream fail to prevent Georgian criminals and mafia arrival to E.U.

The Washington Post also informs that Jacek Emil Saryusz-Wolski a Polish diplomat, politician and a MEP member of the European Parliament, tells the Georgian Dream violates fundamental human rights and makes an enormous pressure over media and particularly broadcaster Rustavi2.

Indeed, many political analysts are considering that after coming into power the Georgian Dream almost conducts a vendetta for many politicians from UNM. The article reads that the pro Russian forces in Georgia, political parties, oligarchs and the Russian media are telling to Georgian people that the West abandoned them. The message of such telling only one is: You better have to change a direction.



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