Investigation for Meabishvili case will encourage other prisoners too
 Tbilisi 15:33 - 21.06.16 «GHN»
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Gedevan Popkhadze, member of the Parliamentarian majority stated today that an investigation that was launched for the Merabishvili's case will encourage other prisoners to suggest newly designed fake versions of its imprisonment to the investigation.

"If not the Strasbourg Court of Human Right, I privately could not see a necessity for such action. Simply, the Strasbourg Court take this decision and we, are obliged in our internal affairs (as we are a member state of the CoE) to fulfill obligations taken under the Convention on Human Right (ECHR). This obligatory decision is. From the other hand I believe that this step will encourage other prisoners to make fake statements to the investigative bodies for its bad conditions in prison. I do not think such encouragement would be proper, as some disobedient prisoners believe that its imprisonment not its own fault is, but all humankind is responsible for its being in prison.

I think that all, Prime Minister, political parties' leaders and politicians might be suspects in some cases, and no any special regimes in prisons are assumed for them, " - Popkhadze tell.
For information, based on the Strasbourg Court decision on June 14 of 2016 the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office of Georgia launched today an investigation into the fact of possible abuse of power by the high rank public officials under the Article 333 part I of the Georgian Criminal Code (GCC).

The ECtHR held that in the case Vano Merabishvili v. Georgia had been a "violation of Article 18 (limitation on use of restrictions on rights) taken in conjunction with Article 5 § 1 on account of the fact that Mr Merabishvili's pre-trial detention had also been used by the prosecuting authorities as an opportunity to obtain leverage in another unrelated investigation, namely into the death of the former Prime Minister, Zurab Zhvania, and to conduct an enquiry into the financial activities of the former President of Georgia.


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