Recipe system insufficiencies next one failure of Healthcare Ministry is
 Tbilisi 17:36 - 23.06.16 «GHN»
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The high price for medicines and its accessibility a heavy burden for population is. The government and the Healthcare Ministry could not provide with the correct policy in a drugs consumption. As well the recipe reform was not accomplished, "- Sergo Chikhladze, member of the civil platphorm New Georgia tells to news agency GHN.
He believes that the reforms in a recipes system were conducted incorrectly from the very beginning. However this was a very important reform for our population. For the last 2 years nothing was done for elimination of these shortcomings.

The aims that were drafted according to this reform were not achieved. The reason for the recipe reform was a prevention of uncontrolled using of medicines. To decrease prescription of medicines in a big amounts. This reform also was drafted to help patients in accessibility problems to the medicines. However the surveys tell that the 51% of population believes that this reform made a negative influence to the patients and its families. The 82% of population believes that the prices for medicines are increased. Very alarming is a fact that 41% of population indicating they cannot attend physicians because of the high price for consultation, "- Chikhladze tells.

Chikhladze tells that the same International Transparency survey shows that a very serious problem remains a self-treatment. Particularly 25% of population has used for the last 12 month antibiotics or psychotropic drugs without physicians' prescription. So, no one of the aims envisaged by the reform were achieved.

"Moreover the international fund "Curacio" indicates that the prices for the medicines with recipes are much higher, than for those which are sold without recipes. To the generics which are to be sold with recipes the rate for the added price value are for 210% higher than for the same category medicines that are to be sold without recipe, ‘ - Chikhladze tells.

Chikhladze, tells that the recipes are necessary but in the circumstances of improper policy of the government and ill management of the Healthcare Ministry any initiation would it be even a good one, will be accomplished with a failure.

Despite of promises the Healthcare Ministry could not establish the electronic system of the recipes. This system would eliminate many shortcomings, that were mentioned above, " - Chikhladze tells.

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