Othkhozoria s murderer home arrest cynical decision is
 Tbilisi 17:47 - 24.06.16 «GHN»
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Ani Mirotadze, member of the National Forum tells that the home arrest for the accused person in Giga Othkhozoria's murder case a cynical decision is.

"This an irresponsible, cynical decision is. The case is about the killing of a young man. The murder fact does not have a nationality hue. The person regardless of his nationality who committed such sadistic act must be punished, and the legal norm which was applied for him is not relevant in such type of crime, ‘ - Mirotadze tells.

The so-called de-facto Military Court of the de-facto Abkhazian government applied a norm for the home arrest for killer of Giga Othkhozoria. The Military Prosecutor of de-facto Abkhazian government announced this yesterday.

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