Better to hold UNM session at Didgori field Saakashvili
 Tbilisi 19:05 - 30.06.16 «GHN»
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Mikheil Saakashvili, ex-President of Georgia, presently Governor of Odessa (Ukraine) suggests to conduct a session of the United National Movement at the Didgori field. He declared this at his meeting with UNM members in Odessa. The session of the political party will be held at the end of August in a beginning of September.

"Now we are very strong and in a good shape, but this only a beginning is. For the opening of a session we will be much stronger. The final event will be conducted a few days before elections at some arena, stadium and there we will be in a super shape. I suggest you to conduct a meeting at Didgori field, but not in a traditional hall. A very good aura is there, because THIS [probably elections] our grand "Didigori fight" is. We have not ways back, we absolutely have no return to the past. At the opposite side such a political power stands which can subscribe to any filthiness. But on the other side the people are, who are ready to sacrifice themselves for homeland. The filthy people never win over the self-sacrificed, " - Saakashvili tells.
Saakashvili skeptical is about the prognosis for the necessity of a collation in Parliament.

"These elections will win either Ivanishvili or the National Movement. Ivanishvili already loose. No third power does exist. There will be only two powers, "- Saakashvli tells.

"We are going not only to continue our fight, but we have to show that we change to the better. In the future if anybody will tell you about our 9 years, you just smile, because I am very proud of those years the most successful years in the history of Georgia. Unfortunately, we were not 9 but 8 years at power. Would be better if we were 9, 10 and 12 years...

Undoubtedly we  win these elections. Active actions are needed, relations with people and positive program..." - Saakashvili tell.


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