Economic Minister departed for Baku
 Tbilisi 12:59 - 04.07.16 «GHN»
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Dimitri Kumsishvili, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia is visiting Azerbaijan. He will take part in 25-th bilateral sitting of the Coordination Committee in the frames of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project.

Within the framework of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars project, 153,4km railway line is being reconstructed and 27km section is being built, in total 180,4km.

The reconstruction-rehabilitation works at the Marabda-Kartsakhi ( "Marabda-kartsakhi Railway" LLC) section will be discussed at this meeting. The reconstruction works and technical questions will be on agenda.

For information: Marabda-Kartsakhi construction site includes the following six stages:
I Stage: Marabda-Tetritskaro, length -29.2km, the construction was completed in December, 2013;
II Stage: Tetritskaro-Tsalka, length - 49.7km, out of which 46km line is built;
III Stage: Tsalka-Akhalkalaki, length-74.1km, out of which 6km line is built;
IV Stage: Akhalkalaki Railway Terminal;
V Stage - Akhalkalaki Railway Station,
VI Stage: Akhalkalaki-Kartsakhi; (Turkish border) - 27km, out of which 22km line is already built, this stage also includes the tunnel.

The total length of the border rail Tunnel is 4 470m- Georgian section 2 070m. The construction of the tunnel was started by Georgia in December 2013 and 37km is already built. The construction works will take in winter period as well.

Marabda-Kartsakhi Railway with its technical characteristics is a unique project, the variability of height in 100km is1650m and apex- 35 thousandths that is one of the highest one worldwide.

Akhalkalaki Railway station that is in compliance with international standards is being built and occupies 180ha and the project value amounts to 212 million USD. 2300000 cubic meter of land was brought to the construction side. The project also implies purchasing of mobile (van-locomotive) van of international standards.

On the Caspian Sea Forum that was held in Istanbul in 2013, the project was recognized as one of the most important projects of the region. On the Marabda-Kartsakhi Section that is being reconstructed (153,4km), completely new line (deck, rail) is being built, as well as new railway transmitting line with its unique sub-railways that is one of the most modern one in the region. Within the framework of the project 292 000 trees (against snow and sound insulation) are planted, according to the severe climate and geographic conditions, galleries against snow are being built occupying 2432m that will avoid any obstacles on the railway line.

The new railway bridges and overpasses are being built, as well as 10 railway stations are being reconstructed. 1 km reconstruction and construction (including tunnels) at an average costs 4,3 million USD.

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