Failed Referendum in Abkhazia
 Tbilisi 12:12 - 14.07.16 «GHN»
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The fake state of Abkhazia reaches a next one world record: to the "referendum" that in itself was a unique event (for early presidential elections, for trust to the existing government) only 0.99% of electorate appeared.

But now this figure exaggerated , and they tell more than1% of electorate took part in the referendum. And still, this could not help them. They proved that Abkhazia is not an independent state it is a state of palms and bananas. This state totally is based on support from Russian Federation and nothing more. If only the Russian Federation will try, this "independent state" immediately will fail into to bloodshed anarchy.

By the way this very useful is to prove some of our partner states (I do not mean Russia) that some states are very suspiciously trying to make friendly relations with Abkhazian secessionists. For instance two facts that were carefully hidden: The Japanese Chamber of Trade and Industry delegation visited secessionist Abkhazia; and second fact is a case that happens before one of the discussions of Geneva international negotiations. The Georgian diplomats were carefully trying not to reveal to the public the "possible boycott" for negotiations in protest (this would postpone the meeting). But this idea did not share not only Russia, but even the above mentioned "partners": "If you will not attend the meeting we will conduct in any way without your participation."

Other suspicious signs are here too. Among them in the information sphere. The mere fact of a "1% elections" and all these mess that preceded the "referendum" is a good evidence for those states trying to establish close relations with Abkhazia how obsolete and fake is this establishment named - "the Abkhazian state"; and how strongly it depends on the willingness of a Kremlin. But in reality if one will take a look to discussions of Abkhazians in social networks, what they tell - they tell: "States are not taking us seriously, as the USA prohibits this." In fact, the deepest reason is, that the independence from Georgia yet does not mean s state's independence. So, it is not independent at all.

And the referendum proved that this does not mean as well a stable statehood too! However, in a democratic countries the referendums are not conducted for detection of trust or distrust to the government. For what the elections are then?
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The "referendum" was preceded by the events in front of the Interior Ministry's building. Thousands of people invaded the yard of the building and broke gates with demands for resignation of Interior Minister Dziapshpa. President Khajinba fired him immediately. Otherwise people would invade his Office too, and would beat him.
The protesters were demanding also postponing of referendum for early presidential elections for autumn. As the government was accused in attempt to fake elections. This demand was absurd too. If the they wished to postpone elections for autumn then the statement on this, they had to make in July but not in April. According to the Abkhazian legislation the ballot is to be appointed in three month after the statement. And they appointed them, no ways. However, the opposition does not wish an immense defeat in July, that's why they choose a solution: "Interior Minister Intends to fake elections!"
The clash with the Interior Ministry did not overgrew to bigger confrontation only thanks to the fact the President Khajinba suspended from the post the Interior Minister. However the bloodshed happens: after the events in the center of Sokhumi several people were injured as a result of a gun fire. Some witnesses tell one of them die. Nonetheless, this fact is carefully hidden by the Russian and Abkhazian media.

And after this confrontation, "President Khajinba" made a reckless statement, - "appears to be it is inacceptable to change a government from the street". He forget that came into power namely in such way in 2014 when the pressure from the street, and threat of violence was a reason of his predecessor Anqvab's resignation. He fled from country.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Very interesting is, what was a reason of such furious attack of the public at that time. The main reason was: "Why do you treat with Georgians living in Gali region normally, and why you allow them to have Georgian schools in the region. Why Georgians living in that region are taking part in elections. And why are not you trying to expel Georgians from Gali, or why are not you making steps for its forceful assimilation." This by the way, some kind of the genocide is. The genocide is not only the physical annihilation, but as well forceful change of the identity.

In this respect Khajinba fulfilled all preelections promises to its electorate. He closed Georgian schools and terrorized the Georgian population. This happens at the background when for a Georgian man Ezugbaia living in Gali the Georgian government (Paata Zaqareishvili, state minister in reconciliation) refuses to accept for donating of free medical treatment: "But You are Georgian! [ and this program for Abkhazians only?]. But if you could be Ezugba (Abkhazian like surname), this quite different case will be! In such case we would cure you free of charge!"

After this, in Georgia nobody can blame Ezugbaia for changing his Georgian surname to Abkhazian one. Generally, among all other Republican Ministers who are to be fired in "shortest period of time" most tragicomic figure Zaqareishvili's one is. He cannot realize how he became a natural picture of the "failed" one, especially after the murder case of Giga Othkhozoria and after the home arrest imposed for his murderer.

The only thing that the Georgian side would do in response of the cynical home arrest for the murderer that secessionists imposed on him, was to boycott the Geneva international talks. But the Georgian diplomacy cannot do even this, for the reasons mentioned above: partners and friends are telling - "if you will not arrive to the talks in Geneva, we will conduct the international negotiations anyway and will talk with the secessionist Abkhazian Foreign Minister Chirikba without you."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

But main and deepest reason, that caused all this confrontation and mess the following is: Khajinba did not accomplish his promise before Moscow for sale and purchase of flats in Abkhazia. [The flats that were left after refugees for sale to Russians]. Contrary, the Turkish Abkhazians (settled from Turkey), the same Khanji Ogly, (man who killed Othkhozoria, are purchasing flats very easily, as they have Abkhazian passports. By the way, Khanji Ogly wrongly assumed as "Lazi" origin Georgian. The Moscow watches this process closely and they are very unsatisfied, because they wish the Abkhazian land for Russians, but not for Abkhazians, moreover not for Turkish.
That's why Putin cut for one-third the financing to secessionists. And immediately the reaction followed. One can imagine what consequences will follow in Abkhazia, if Moscow will exploit other levers too for pressure: he may cut off the financing totally and close the border at river Psou.

If Moscow did not do this up to today, only for one reason: secessionist have here, in Tbilisi such an "useful genius" as Zaqareishvili is. He may once cry out: "Brothers we will open borders for you in turn for nothing (not even for restoring Georgian schools). And we will appoint airlines for you for making easier access for such villains as Khanji Oghli is, from Turkey to Abkhazia.



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