The typology of Gigla Agulashvili
 Tbilisi 17:56 - 15.07.16 «GHN»
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"We are starting!" - Chair of the Parliament Davit Usupashvili announced when the resignation of Republican Ministers was on agenda.
But the novelty touched only two ministers: Tinatin Khidasheli, Defense Minister and Paata Zakareishvili, State Minister for Reconciliation. Gigla Agulashvili, Environment Minster did not join them. Colleagues tell his action was improper and erroneous. However lately Khidasheli , improving the situation tells, the step was ‘acceptable'.

"Gigla my friend is and he will remain as such, he always be my friend." However, this clearly the move towards the political correctness was. As far it was very difficult to estimate whose "image" suffered most, after the decision of Agulashvili - Agulashvili himself or his former political party (Republicans); moreover, when it became clear that he not only will retain an Office of Minister, but also will move into the camp of GD-DG. And, if Republicans would start his defamation, this could inflict more lose for them than for Agulashvli or to GD-DG.

Many view point were expressed these days, among them such as: "Republicans secretly agreed with GD-DG. Because Agulashvli could became already seventh resigned Minister. And according to the Constitution, in case of one/third change of the Cabinet in this may follow with a change of the whole Cabinet and an imposition of a vote of confidence for Parliament. And according to this version Republicans decided to keep Agulashvili on his post, but to "stage" his move into the GD-DG.
In fact, such scenario out of the common sense is: first of all, unclear is, why Republicans must care about the problems of Kvirikashvili (Prime Minister). They asked before the government: "to hold Republican Ministers in its positions', but they were refused. Also the risks are here very high: it is not difficult to guess, that despite Khidasheli tells that Agulashvili her friend is, the same process of leaving the Republican party will start immensely in a regional departments of the political party.
Such things happen often in our country, because, in fact we have not real political parties. Such political parties must rely on the common values, but not on private interests.

In other words, the political party must be staffed with people who have common typology in mental and value spheres. Otherwise, always will happen things, that happen in case of Agulashvili.

The Environment Minister noted with regrets that he has many years spent with this political party. Seems like he cannot realize himself what an important declaration he made: the case is that only years are, what in fact connects him with this political party but not values or a social typology.
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Who Agulashvili is? Many even do not remember because that époque gone long ago: He was a prosecutor when Eduard Shevardnadze was a President. He was a very good professional at the same time. As investigated the assassination attempt case against President in 1995 of August 29. He arrested leaders of Mkhedrioni [military formation,  with heads - Tengiz Kitovani, Jaba Ioseliani].

But what happens next, and how he appeared in the Republican Party unclear is. Seems like his promotion was connected with the Republicans endeavor to broaden the social base in the centre and in regions to. But afterwards the political party was staffed with such people who have no ideological, neither mental relation with the Republican Party. If only anyone believes in liberalism of Gigla Agulashvili would be mistaken. He apparently was not Republican's ‘style' politician.

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