Kervalishvili tells she is a victim affected by 2008 war
 Tbilisi 13:15 - 21.07.16 «GHN»
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One of the founders of the construction company Center Point Rusudan Kervalishvili considers, the lawenforcers are politically biased against her family members. At the press conference she declared that group of people who are protesting against her for her company's failure in constructing a living apartment blocks, are instigated by the Chief Prosecutor's Office.

"This persecution to my political activity is connected. I worked in a group for strengthening of women's political activity; I had had a correspondence with the Central Elections Commission (CEC) and with all political parties. As far as I was searching those women who could ballot as an independent MPs. I had had also phone conversations on this matter with Maya Rcheulishvili. And for that period of time our work with the Court was conducted in a peaceful regime. However for the last period of time some groups antagonistically disposed towards Maya became active. They started a protest actions in front of the Chief Prosecutor's Office. This group, back than was headed by the Communist Party leader Temur Pipia. Very suddenly and suspiciously this group started active manifestations."

Rusudan Kervalishvili does not exclude she can return to the politics. At the same time she would not be affiliated with any political party.

"I will be independent and alone, in case of returning to politics, as my past and history was totally destroyed. I cannot shame on any political party. I am not making excuses, contrary I am guilty in political view too, as well as a human. I am not asking for release of my sister from the prison. In fact I wish to live in a country where the Justice rules.

At the same time I am a victim too, as any other citizen, who was affected by the August war of 2008," - Kervalishvili tells.


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