Kakhiashvili took a floor at the Ambassadorial 2016
 Tbilisi 14:27 - 27.07.16 «GHN»
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Kakha Kakhiashvili, Probation Minister delivered a speech at the Ambassadorial 2016. He informed the audience about a large-scale reforms conduced in a ministry. He noted about the challenges which nowadays the penitential ministry faces. Also underlined achievements reached for the last period of time in view of human rights issues. "The reforms were visible for the international partners, by the Council of Europe, EU, UN and Red Cross."

He noted that unlike in previous years the facts of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment were diminished. Also the general quantity of prisoners decreased from 24 thousand to 9 700, that fact is connected to wide amnesty and legislative changes for pre-term release of prisoners. Living conditions of prisoners were improved considerably. Now the prison cells are fully acceptable by the EU standards. The penitential system gradually upraised to the new modern standards and prisoners are classified by its risk factors. The classification process will be continued to the end of the year.

Minister stressed the legislative amendments that were made in 2015-2016 years, among them the Code of minors. The home arrests (with electronic monitoring) were introduced in the system based on this code. From the next year this novelty will be introduced for other prisoners too. He underlined that problems in the penitential healthcare were fully eliminated. Nowadays, the penitential system enjoys donated healthcare program for cure of tuberculosis and C hepatitis. The effect out of the cure reached 90%. The death cases number in prisons was radically decreased. To compare with figure of 2015 when 140 prisoners died, in 2015 only 12 cases were counted. The penitential system also carries out the suicide prevention program.

At the end minister underlined an importance of the Ambassadorial 2016, and stressed he is interested with the cooperation with partner countries. From 2012 very big and important reform was carried out and it is necessary, this information to be known for the international audience, - minister underlined. He called for the support in this view. After this he suggested to see premises at the penitential system.

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