Donald Trump to Russia hike and publish Clinton???????s missing emails.
 Tbilisi 16:32 - 28.07.16 «GHN»
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The Guardian reports: "Republican nominee simultaneously seeks to distance himself from Vladimir Putin, as Clinton campaign accuses Russia of interfering with US election. Donald Trump appears to incite Russia to hack into and publish Hilary Clinton's private emails as her campaign sounded ‘alarm' at growing evidence of a foreign power "interfering in an American election"

In the strongest US response yet to the alleged hacking of the Democratic party computers, the Clinton campaign confirmed on Wednesday, that she had been briefed by US intelligence officials, who believe there is now a ‘weight of option" pointing to Moscow as an original source.

"She does not view this as a political issue; she views this as a national security issue, ‘ - Clinton's Foreign policy adviser Jack Sullivan tells. "She believes this is something obviously new, to see them interfering in an American election, but this is a part of the pattern of Russia interfering in domestic affairs of other countries."

Meanwhile Trump speaking at Press conference in Florida raised the stakes again, as he urged Russia to hick into and release the Clinton's emails from her personal server, she used while she was a secretary of state.

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