Politicians mostly insensitive to disposition of public philosophical scientist tell
 Tbilisi 17:32 - 05.08.16 «GHN»
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Zaza Piralishvili scientist in philosophy responds to the questions of GHN.

Mr. Zaza, the preelections campaign is pending in Georgia. Very easily we can guess that people again will choose politicians based on private sympathy, but not according to political party's programs. And again we will repeat "mistakes of the past". How much useful would be such choice for our country and for the electorate?

The question very pessimistic is, I would see this problem from the different angle. Possibly I am right, because the situation never would be described only unevenly. Accordingly, our state of affairs also is not radically pessimistic. Very often they say the electorate insensitive is towards the preelections programs and mostly makes accents to the personalities. This, indeed the case is, what happens with us. Only let's recall the USA presidential elections. We have a quite healthy knowledge that behind all political programs personalities are, who are to prove us its ability to defend such programs. Only God knows how many politicians had had a political platphorms much better, realistic and refined, than Zviad Gamsakhurdia, Eduard Shevardnadze and Ivanishvili's. But the decisive factor was a belief, that namely these persons would be able to fulfill at least a part of its promises.

This is not a bad thing; our electorate for many years has had distrust to doctrine makers and to populists. But in turn they trusted those who could in a definite historical moment make something very important. But when the situation was repeating and became deadlocked, public was denying them, declaring distrust.

The politics is not only the ability for creation of the program documents, and as well not only the PR. I know many political groups that have very refined program documents and like a diligent students are producing PR under the foreign specialists supervision (who, I would say, are very poorly knowing our civil environment), but they can do nothing with success in politics. Afterwards they are complaining that they were not merited properly and nobody was reading its program documents.

We need more time for our electorate to value the program documents too, alongside with the personal abilities. And we need not to be contended only with the general declarations of some personalities. Such process is started already. Our electorate is well aware what will follow after the confrontation of concurring political forces. Step-by-step, but very steadily, the disposition towards the political life is changing. As soon the electorate finds out, that politicians looks at them from the height of general mankind values and takes some kind of pedagogic function, such politician will be rejected and doomed for the defeat. I will not count the examples, those political groups are very well known, which made such mistakes.

And finally, if the electorate does not feels a sincerity, will and energy, all well-drafted political program documents will became vain.

Our electorate turns blind eyes to the PR tricks, if believes that ‘this is necessary for something', and if at this moment ‘such step is necessary', and no alternate choice does exist. By my opinion, this a pragmatic wisdom is too. I think the keys to the success and defeat of Saakshvili are namely here. At some stage an ordinary person was ready to withstand difficulties (even violence and exaggerated PR) for sake of final victory. For freeing form a garbage accumulated for tens of years. And contrary when everything came around and he brings nothing but a pain and total lie, new elections were appointed. Shortly we understand only now that such wisdom comes only with experience.

- Why we are not growing to became more clever, or if growing, very slowly. Why we need to understand values. And in a country where all are politicians and poets, we lost our ‘homeland'?

- We are becoming slowly more clever indeed. We are overcoming the infantilism, which is shameful for us today. Today we understand that we are not to blame in all wrongs only one person; and some personality in a politics inevitably will establish an ugly system designed for his own interests only. Step-by-step we understand that when all burden of responsibility for one person is only, brings an illusory peace that turns into the bog, and in such bog only the monsters are able to be born. Our desire to improve everything at one natural is. But the history has its own rhythm. Many bigger nations were passing such way in far longer period of time, than we starting from 90', when we had no elementary social knowledge and a crime was ruling everywhere; our elites were annihilated.

- How do you think, what will be the main value for which the electorate will attend the elections for some political party?

- This is hard to say. But one thing clear is. At these elections our electorate will be far more pragmatic. The collectivist enthusiasm that was a driving force for winner political party will not play a role at this time. We see how the main actors at the political arena are trying to provoke such enthusiasm, but they cannot succeed. The reason for passive attitude of the electorate today, I would say is a consequence of the rational approach. Today at the political stage there does not exist a political force that can obtain an absolute majority of people's trust. The pragmatism developed for the last years in our electorate dictates to refrain from radical changes in an existing political configuration, in absence of the better choice.

-In Georgia continues a fight with the pro-Russian and Pro-Western forces. The argument of the pro-Russian forces is a good relations with Russia in a past, and that Moscow can return us the Abkhazia and South Ossetia, that we have to make compromises to get something. They tell the West "spoiled". But at the same time all of them wish a villa in Nice, apartment in New York. And all of them think that its labor would be valued more in any European country. What phenomenon presupposes such attitude and what the reality is for the population?

- In this fight the pro-Russian forces were initially defeated. No matter how far the pro-Russian sentiments are among people, each of them are feeling its dignity affected, when realizing its country independent is, and they have values connected with the West - the independence of a personality. But some of our doctrine makers are drafting the independence of a personality in such a way that makes someone to think twice, rather than feel a joy for having the freedom. But a healthy instinct makes its business. The Russian forces are trying to construct some kind of the ideological "iron wood" the blend of the Georgian national ideas with the Russian imperialistic revenge on the basis of the political Christian orthodoxy. Almost every day we are listening to the astonishing mystical geopolitics. In some political circles this have a quite a big influence. But the opinion polls are showing that this influence will not affect our nearest future.

We could count many reasons, but a main for me is that at this stage the Western oriented electorate is better prepared and has a sense of the truthfulness. And the pro-Russian electorate cannot free themselves from feeling of uneasiness. To the electoral process already people are involved, for whom the Russian living style is far more distant than a Western one.

Approximately for 2006-2007 the Russian politics was trying to put our society before the choice: Saakashvili with the UNM or Russian orientation. This was showing evidently in many things and finally in 2008 at the mountain Poklonnaia. Russians tell that all mistakes of the previous government explained by its Western orientation. Fortunately in Georgia there are not such politicians, having a real force, who could follow such disposition. Only some two or three marginal or marginalized politicians dared to follow this. It number is countless. But we see that in a sum they are not a real force. Because after we overcame the Russian imperialistic war, after from the Abkhazia and South Ossetia thousands of people were expelled, after they recognized the independence of these regions, as soon as it was possible, and now they are trying to incite the secessionism anew; and how they are trying to outline a plan for our annihilation, I cannot believe that the Russian politics with the idiocy ideology and false morality may ever succeed. The free human beings are born in Georgia. Who are moving freely in the modern civilization. The generation was born in a free environment and is fully realized. That's why it is hard to imagine a revolution under the name of slavery. I think this is well known in Russia too. That's why they cannot give up its violence - kidnapping people, changing the border lines; refusing to import our goods abroad on a ground of political motivation and so on and so on. This is a political vandalism. The typical Russian politician (and not only) believes that the Georgian man is a some kind of daredevil, exotic creature, who does not knows why he so happy is and loves the life, and what is more he has not any deep understanding of matters. Until the case will be, until they will not recognize that they only loose with such imperialistic approach when they are at the same time very kind. Until they will not understand that it is vain to talk with us as colonists are talking with aborigines, such model is not for our country. I cannot see any chances for wining of Russian Imperialistic policy in our country. Moreover, it is hard to find in Georgian political spectrum, more or less serious politician, who will take a role of Sergo Orjonikidze. But marginally disposed ones always were and will be.

In seeking the truth in a deep philosophical literature of Dostoevski and Platonov, who are making naked a human being's soul, might became a nightmare for millions of people if transferred into real politics. This is well understood in Georgia.

However, we are not to calm down. The Russians have to see clearly that such politics are vain. Because otherwise they can to do something very dangerous and unwise. This must be understood by our Western partners too.

- And what our conscience is - the existence. It is well known in the history that the Georgian country men could took weapons and become heroes in the history. They were in worse conditions than any of nobles. What was a motivation of brothers Kherkheulidze's, when they could sacrifice themselves for the homeland. This question is in a context of the August war 2008. Today you can hear very often that the government is guilty, who victimized so much Georgians to Russia's attack. You can hear that it is unwise to fight with the big states. Is this formulation correct?

- There are some situations when the war unavoidable is, and this depends less on a will of politicians. When we are accusing the UNM government we have to take in consideration that Russian party was trying diligently to make a bloody provocation. Our foreign partners have to understand this very clearly. But we also have not to forget that a person who was feeling how low a trust was for him in 2007 let them, Russians to be provoked. In this case we feel easily that he tried to improve the situation in a style of "Bonapartistic" demarche, and was provoked. This multi-faced situation is a reason that the international organizations our foreign partners are in a difficulties if estimating the grounds for the August war straightforwardly. The situation is even more aggravated when the August war constantly is mentioned in a line with Ukraine's problems at the international level. However, form the one side it is clear that our diplomacy is not quite strong. And from the other side in the Europe many politicians are whose public opinion is linked with the relations with Gazprom. I am in a little deviation from your question. The attitude of the people in middle Ages to the wars was different. Back then, the war was a daily matter. Rarely one could meet unarmed person. But when I am recalling the Shindisi heroes, I am sure that we are not in a lack of the fighting abilities. It is clear that we are now living in a different world and a Georgian people are different too. However, nowadays we can find among us 300 Aragvelians and 9 brothers Kherkheulidze. But they are expressing themselves in a different ways.

- When we are talking that Georgian electorate is tricked into by elections results year-by-year, or is letting to be so, this mean that he is not growing ... It is interesting how satisfactory is the political spectrum for the appropriate state standards. To be more exact what is advantages and disadvantages of the political parties?

- I already touched such issues partially. I think that the Georgian electorate considerably glowed up. But the political spectrum is lagging back, and is trying to make old style political repressions. When one cannot understand that his very liberal declaration may come into confrontation with the public's disposition. Some of them, excited like a homo-NGO-ticuses are preferring the third class westerner in turn for the finding a common ground with the own people. In such case a defeat unavoidable is. What a liberalism they are talking about, when on agenda are some abstract rights for some abstract human being. And they are not interested with the real cultural and historic environment. But are trying to implement the ideals of some Freedom. Such liberalism does not correspond to any ideals of the freedom, indeed. But makes a good deal for the Putin's disinformation business. Sometimes we have to give up the ideological idealism and to look around.

I cannot forget the slogan at one of the elections: "Transparent governance!" and "The gender equality!" Appears to be to, in order be able to talk on the own language this requires a great ability from a person. The collective conscience a very strange thing is. It is quite enough when one of your declarations may arise a doubt among the population, and after this very hard is to find a solution for trust. When one declares only for the tactical considerations he upholds the Constitutional amendments for the marriage definition, but in fact... And so on and so on. No surprise if such declaration will affect badly disposition of the population. It is clear that any Georgian feels compassion to the person whose private live was affected with unlawful and rude interference. But we have not to mix the natural compassion with the political support. In short, the most part of our politicians are insensitive to the disposition of the public. And they are substituting this inability to feel the public; with the PR and populism. And a very short distance is from here to the distrust of the population. The big part of our population tries to attract attention with the ideological extremism and forgets that the real historical environment does exist that has own interests. Fortunately, other politicians are too, and with the time passing namely those politicians will gain a power.

- And finally. With the nearing elections on October 8, the political temperature in a country will be higher. How do you think which values will choose Georgia? What will you advise in this respect?

- More or less the informational sphere is basically occupied by the UNM and GD-DG. All main things are happening only around them. Nobody else could enter this area to find its place.

So, it is hard to imagine, if something unexpected will not happen, that the political shape will be rapidly changed. The main events will be developed after the elections. The second term is a very hard examination for the government. We have to hope that at least some part of our political spectrum will try to free from the ideological snobbism, self-satisfaction and narcissism and will try to change something. I would advise that even now for the forthcoming elections, to the western-oriented political parties to find a common language. But our politics still on a level of a private messianism is. They cannot overcome this. For the westerners this is characteristic too, but the experience gives them a lesson not to be over drunk with the private ego. But in our politics everyone are seeing themselves at the height of the victories of the past and cannot face the reality the speedy change of the public's disposition and demand for the development and change. The same we can tell about the Putin's political groups.

I would wish to unite all weighty politicians who are in a different opposite political parties. Its presence in a parliament is necessary for keeping the positive political processes.

Journalist Gocha Mirtskhulava.

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