Yakovlev tells a large scale crisis is to happen in Russia in nearest weeks
 Tbilisi 16:46 - 08.08.16 «GHN»
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Vladimir Egorovich Yakovlev a founder and editor-in-chief of the Kommersant Newspaper, the first Russian daily business-oriented newspaper tells a large scale crisis is about to happen in Russia in nearest weeks or month.
Yokovlev, who as a rule always was reserved, now published a very emotional prognosis for Russia's future.

"Frankly speaking, I am not too much clever. And who knows me well, could tell that many shortcomings have too, but, my intuition never was wrong. I am sure in the nearest weeks or month in Russia one of the two scenarios will happen. One is the change of the government with unpredictable and dangerous consequences, and the second one is a hard social crisis with the street crimes. The deficit for the first consumption goods will occur, and the real threats to the live and health for the Russian citizens. He warns the Russian population to leave the country, if they can. He explains this does not mean to leave the Russia for a work abroad, but to leave the country for 3-6 months. "If nothing  happens in this period of time, - he tells, - I would be glad that was wrong."

Journalist tells that a real danger of the military confrontation does exist. He tells similar situaiton was in August 18 of the 1991 when the "Putch" happens in Russia, and a heavy military technique was exploited at the Red Squire in Moscow. "Such things always happen very unexpectedly'" - he tells.

"Two classical notions of the social cataclysms are evident: 1 - the general dissatisfaction of the population; and 2-nd - the society is divided to two confronting parts, having no definite position, but bearing a big emotional confronting force. All notions are now evident in Russia and a catastrophe unavoidable is, "- he tells.

He tells that very dangerous events may happen soon and an establishing of the Committee for saving people will be necessary.

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