Usupashvili tells GD DG does not exist politically
 Tbilisi 14:56 - 12.08.16 «GHN»
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Chair of Parliament Davit Usupashvili disseminates a statement today.

He tells he values much the success of Georgian people in the past: in the sport, in  politics, in business, in  charity. "But the most important is who will succeed tomorrow! Who will take out the country to the upper level in this hardship? This decision each of us is to   make on October 8. I would say I was not successful in many areas, - in earning millions; in becoming an Olympic champion; maybe tomorrow if you will give me similar task, I will not be able to accomplish it. But all my life always was connected with the state, democracy, international security, for providing the better future for our country. In all this questions,  I am ready to compete with all political spectrum."

He tells also that there are some areas where he is not too much strong to argue with. "And this is a point! If anybody tells that only he is the best and needs not others, this craziness is!"

He underlined,  if any politician tells that he is the only solution and made a perfect order in a country (dismissed who was to be, imprisoned who deserved it) "and now he is the only one solution with his team, this will be a very dangerous, and we should wary of this. One more such mistake will be unforgivable for Georgians."

"Unfortunately,  today Bidzina Ivanishvili is not anymore in active politics. But he is a competitor for the Republican Party, as a founder of the GD-DG, he is its face, even the political program and logo; everything absolutely. We all well know that he wished to go from the politics, but could not did this. And now he is there where he is...

But I believe, that he indeed wishes to go after the elections, even from that role where he is at this stage, and I am concerned with this. Because the electorate should understand this well, when the case is about a choice. For which party they will vote: for Republicans - with Davitashvili-Khidasheli, or for GD-DG, -  where, from November, Bidzina Ivanishvili will not be anymore?!

I would say, take me properly, - politically, the GD-DG, does not exist anymore!

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