Davit Usupashvili returns to politics
 Tbilisi 14:38 - 28.04.17 «GHN»
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Former Chairman of Parliament Davit Usupashvili, former leader of the Republican Party returns to the politics. He suggests a 3-point plan on implementation of civil and political initiatives. He intends to implement these initiatives in a broader partnership format.

"For the last several month I was discussing the current problems of Georgian society and Georgian government with the representatives of different circles, profession and political views. We were discussing the challenges of past and ways for improvement of the situation. I made an analysis of my own mistakes and mistakes of other politicians. Today I am presenting to the public the 3-point plan, "- Davit Ususpashvili told at the press conference.

"First, - we have to agree and point out the main reason of all problems in Georgia.
Second - we have to establish a civil partnership for strengthening of the statehood.
Third - we have to establish new political force, with new approaches."

He indicated that the main reason of problems, is not a definite politician or a political party, but a general destructive political area. Also he told that main enemy of our country becomes more and more liberated from political and moral obligations before he international society.

He described main characteristics of the destructive political area:
1. Disorder in our statehood.
In our country still an absence of the Rule of Law is and Supremacy of the Justice.
2. Neobolshevism and monopoly to the truth.
3. Disintegration of the society.
Cultural and linguistic barriers inside the country besides Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
4. Fundamentalism in the governance.
5; Social -Political relations based on negativism.
6. The present born out of the Communistic past.
7. Incorrect governance.
8. Vague general future

At the end of the press conference Davit Usupashvili suggested to all interested persons to establish a Centrist political party.


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