On August 26 Goran Bregovich to hold a concert at Black Sea Arena
 Tbilisi 04:19 - 21.05.17 «GHN»
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Goran Bregovich accompaigned with his music band Funeral and Weddings will hold a concert on invitation of Georgian party. The  Black Sea Arena will host him on August 26. The tickets are available on TKT.ge.

Goran Bregovich is a composer not only many popular sound tracks. He is an author of melodies for Emir Kusturica (a Serbian filmmaker, actor and musician) Iggy Pop and Sezaria Evora.

Balkan folk, rock and symphony are mixed together in his beautiful songs. This blend of radically different music makes an unforgettable impression.

For instance his song In the Deathcar:

In The Death Car

(Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language)

A howling wind is whistling in the night
My dog is growling in the dark
Something's pulling me outside
To ride around in circles
I know that you have got the time
'Cause anything I want, you do
You'll take a ride through the strangers
Who don't understand how to feel
In the deathcar, we're alive
In the deathcar, we're alive
I'll let some air come in the window
Kind of wakes me up a little
I don't turn on the radio
'Cause they play shit, like
You know
When your hand was down on my dick
It felt quite amazing
And now that, that is all over
All we've got is the silence
In the deathcar, we're alive
In the deathcar, we're alive
So come on mandolins, play
When I touched you
I felt that you still had your baby fat
And a little taste of baby's breath
Makes me forget about death
At your age you're still joking
It ain't time yet for the choking
So now we can see the movie and see each other truly
In the deathcar, we're alive
In the deathcar, we're alive
I want to hear some mandolins

Goran Bregovic est né le 22 mars 1950 à Sarajevo, d'une mère serbe et d'un père croate.



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