First Russian Film Festival to open on November 4
 Tbilisi 22:09 - 03.11.10 «GHN»
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Tomorrow the first Russian film festival will open in Tbilisi. It will last till November 8.
On this festive occasion our journalist talked with famous Russian film director Eldar Ryazanov, who arrived to Georgia for the second time for the last two years. In the informal environment in the Rustaveli cinema house, surrounded by several media representatives, he was interviewed by GHN.

- How the idea of creation of the well known film "Irony of the fate" was born, the film "without which the new year cannot start" (it is shown every time on occasion of new year over the all post soviet area before and after the USSR)?

- It was simple, we needed something that will make people to laugh, and we (I and Emil Bradginsky) wrote a scenario for the 10 days. After that is was staged on the scene many times. But one day I decided to make a film on that scenario. What happen after, it was only a happening. It is truth that it was shown every New Year during the Soviet period but there was a time when it was prohibited for the accusation in a propagation of alcoholism when in the power in USSR was Andropov and Gorbatchov.

- What ties do you have with Georgia?

- For the first time I was in Georgia when I was 12. We, I and my parents have had an apartment in the building that now is a hotel Tbilisi Marriott. I was a school pupil and I remember the book store that was in the other side of the road the "Sakhelgami". Often I used to buy books there. It was the year of 1941. At the time when the war started we were in Kodjori for the summer holydays and we had no radio there no any source of the information and knew nothing about the beginning of the war with Germany. When we arrived to home in Tbilisi I heard the information about this on the radio.

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