Levan Berdzenishvili: On November 7 Government hits the Guinness Records in its cruelty
 Tbilisi 00:44 - 07.11.09 GHN
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Levan Berdzenishvili, one of the leaders of Republican Party said that the government reached a high level of cruelty during the November 7 events.
He said to the News agency GHN that the government was inadequate and histerical.
"The government did not care about the intearests of people. Othewise the satisfaction of demands of people was quite easy. The only wish of people was not to change the Constitution and to hold the elections in a due time. After this, events developed in such a way that the government was very afraid of consequences and started to act inappropriately, inadequate to the situation - do you remember the histerical declarations (over TV air "Imedi") of Givi Targamadze? All were talking that that government was in a panic. During one day it 4-times dissolved the meeting with a violent force. In that it hit all Guinness records, "- Berdzenishvili said to GHN.
He said that the Saakashvili government cased its existence namely on November 7, two years ago. "We could say at that time on November 7 of 2007 that the Saakashvili's governance was unsuccessful, "- he noted.
Politician as well said that the decision about joining the protest action will be taken today.
We remaind you that two years passed since the November 7 events. On this day after the 5 days protest action the government dissolved a rally using the tear-gas and water 4-times.


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