Lali Moroshkina: I am on Georiga side but not on side of any politician
 Tbilisi 22:24 - 23.11.09 «GHN»
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The book of journalist Lali Moroshkina "I, President and  world champion" will became a bestseller of the year. It was sold during two month from publication. The book describes whole life of the journalist.

The book is a lierary compilation of different novels about private life of the journalist. It is clear from the very beginning that book will tell about many piquant stories...
How the book was estimated by the Georgian readers and what do think about it the main heroes of the book: the President and the world champion, Lali Moroshkina will tell to GHN herself...

- Mrs Lali was your expectations met in connection with the book from the society. Was it taken as you expected to be?

- The real situation exceeded all my expectations. I thought that  book will cause an anger from  middle aged women, because the book makes fun of the Georgian traditions in connection with the tradition of marriage portion, and as well in connection with the traditional subordinated role of Georgian women and that they are overlooking at the unfaithfulness of a spouse. However in fact all these problems are not easy for them to overcome. It turns out that for society this is as well very painfull theme. Simply nobody  talked before about this. Namely these women like my book most of all. Many of them are contacting me privately. Many of them tell me that women should not forgive unfaithfulness in marriage. Some traditions are a heavy burden which are hindering to the development of the person.

- What is the aim of the book, what did you wish to say?

- I wish to say about the troubles of our generation, the misfortunes which started from the April 9 of 1989. I am very glad that the society understands this.

- The book tells as well about the Russian-Georgian war. Do you want to suggest it to the Russian reader? And what do you think about Putin and Medvediev?

- Of coursce I would like to publish this book for Russian reader as well. But it has such cover and bombastic title that one cannot even imagine that here about the Russian-Georgian war may be said something. But if you will read the book you will see that the politics of Putin and Medvediev are severly critisised. Tey said in Russia that this book would be published in Russia if I would change an estimations of the results of the war. I will never do it. They said that the book is out of the Russian policy line and it is overally Georigan inclined.

-What more positive sides of the book can you indicate?

- One more positive side is that I try to answer the question who's side am I taking? Am I taking the opposition's side or government's one? I hope that this book makes clear for everyone that I am taking the side of the Georiga but not of any political party.
I am seening the advantages and disadvatages of each side. For me all politicians are first of all people, with the own problems, pain, hatered, love and so on... I have realations with them as a friend as a journalist and as women, but this does not mean that I am inclined to anybody's side and I am totally sharing someone's opinion.

-It is interesting what do you know about the opinion of politicians and famous people about the book?

- For me it is very important that Mr President mentioned in his speech about two chapters of my book. I was very pleased. As well I was glad that Gubaz Sanikidze prised me, I am very glad to Levan Gvinjilia, who highly estimated me. As well Ramaz Sakvarelidze wrote a review for my book. I am glad that despite of the critics Davit Bakradze, Parliamentary Chairperson accepted this book and it is available for sale in Parliament. Such fact is a rarity: In parliament there is a book for sale which contains critics, deriving from this it is admitted to criticize someone but at the same time not to be an enemy of this person. One can express own estimation of the events but it is a  major not to become a puppet and not to be devoted to something like a slave. The book became a bestseller of the year, and I do not think that in December will be published something what will make a commercial succsess.

-When did you started the work under the book

-All summer I was writing for the "Washington Post" the analytics. Namely this analytics became a part of the book. This was a ready material. All other parts  I  wrote in June. I am bussy all time, the summer is the only time when I am not bussy and I have not lectures. I closed the door departed children from home and two and a half month did not come out the home. I was working 24 hours a day. Only for sleep I was out of businees. I was eating at the working place. This book is to be read in one breath, because it is written in one breath.

-Are you working under the new book?

-Not just now, but in summer I have to work under the new book in the same manner as before.

- What are you doing except of the writing at this time?

- I am reading lectures; I am a professor at two Universities: CEU and MUSKIE, I am lecturing in journalistics, management and PR. I have established the creative group "Moroshkina and Partners" which will work under the parties, weddings, New Year, christmass evenings. The presentation of the first project will be on December 31.

- As we are informed you were in Germany in October. What was the purpose of yours visit to Germany?

- The Germany has a 500 year history in organizing of the book fair. It is holding each year in Frankfurt. Here the publishers and authors of the bestsellers are arriving. From Georiga I was an author this year. It was a very important and interesting visit, as I received many suggestions and now we are discussing the details.



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