Tsintsadze: imposition of EU sanctions will make Belarus even more dependent upon RF
 Tbilisi 10:22 - 31.01.11 GHN
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The imposition of sanctions by EU will finally make Belarus dependent upon Russian Federation. Soso Tsintsadze, political scientist said this to GHN estimating the last period strained relations between Belarus and EU
"On January 31 the question of imposition of sanctions for Belarus will be discussed in EU ministerial. In case if Lukashenko will refuse the release of prisoners of conscience and refusal to conduct the referendum, he will be banned from entering the EU. As well the EU refused to allocate 3 milliard USD for Belarus on the ground of repressions in the country. At the same time this coin has two sides because a big chance exists that Belarus may fall under the Russia's subordinance, " - Tsintsadze said. He noted that Lukashenko has no other chance but to perform all preconditions of Russian Federation.
Political scientist said Belarus needs 11 milliard USD otherwise it will be deported. Taking this into consideration the likelihood exists that Belarus will became subordinate to Russian Federation.
Tsintsadze underlined that the EU changed its demands towards the Belarus. If initially it demanded to hold new elections, now it is reconciled with Lukashenko's Presidency if he will conduct reforms in the country.
For information, on December 19 of 2010 organizes of public protest after the Presidential elections in Belarus were arrested with the allegation in public disorders. Acting President of the Belarus Alexander Lukashenko remained on his post. To be noted that for the last two days Lukashenko took the decision to release detained ex-candidates for Presidency, they are homearrested. He made this probably in expectation for easing of sanctions against him.
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