Irakli Sesiashvili: in Security Concept word "enemy" cannot be used
 Tbilisi 15:07 - 16.02.11 «GHN»
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Irakli Sesiashvili, expert in military issues said the word "enemy" is not a proper definition for the international legal document. Accordingly it cannot be used in the new security concept of Georgia against Russian Federation. "The word enemy is not an international law definition; it cannot be used in the new Security Concept. Instead, the Russian Federation is defined as a biggest danger for our country as our territories are occupied and its militarization is pending, "- Sesiashvili said to GHN.

He noted that the new concept is finely developed by Security Council in terms of describing an aggression against Georgia. Russia violated the international legal principles, occupied the other country and that occupation is recognized by Western countries. What about the possible dangers from other countries, Georgia does not considers any of them as a danger.

"The military dangers is expected only from Russian Federation and no other country is expected to be a possible aggressor. According to the document other dangers are international terrorism, conflicts in Northern Caucasus and general global dangers, "- Sesishvili sid to GHN.

For information the new Security Concept was passed by the first reading in the National Council.


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