Kakha Kukava: You Should ask the Republican party, why opposition could not keep united
 Tbilisi 18:46 - 15.12.09 «GHN»
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Opposition is planning to represent one, common candidate for the local self governance elections. To determine such candidate the internet poll is already pending, this is the initiative of Conservative party. Kakha Kukava, leader of Conservatives said that they have to fight in unequal fight and in the unfair circumstances with the government. But opposition prepares to win the fight. Otherwise the biggest protest actions will rise. Kakha Kukava, one of the leaders of Conservative party was interviewed by the news agency GHN for the plans of opposition and forthcoming local self governance elections.

- The 2009 was terrible in all aspects - for the country, for the opposition for the government, for economy, for politics. It is clear that when the government is unsuccessful; as well unsuccessful will be the economy, all areas of policy and opposition as well. It is regrettable that this was one more unsuccessful year of our country, wasting of time once again for the development of Georgia. And I should say that all years will be the same till Saakashvili will be in the governance.

- For the last period the rating of opposition fails. What do you think, what is the main reason for this?

- This is not a right formula. We can say that the different opposition parties rating fail. This is due to its own inactivity. Amount of people voting for opposition does not diminished. The reality is as such: rating of opposition is 20-30 % and the rating of opposition 60-80 %. This is a sharp negative estimation of the existing government. This figure does not diminisged.

- What do you think what was the reason for the fail of the rating of different opposition parties?

- Maybe, the reason was improper tactics. But the main reason is that the opposition did not manage to unite. If we will take under the careful consideration the facts we will see that the rating of opposition rises in the period when opposition is united, but otherwise the rating fails. Single Opposition parties have no ability to keep the rating. During the presidential elections, rating of Levan Gachechiladze, opposition candidate for presidency was 60 -80 %. But when the opposition disunited the different groups could not keep such high rating. In oher words - the high rating needs the big organization.

- Why the opposition could not keep to be united?


- You should ask this Republican party. They were first who parted the united opposition and after this the domino principle followed.

- Conservatives initiated the Primary. Do you think the results will be fair?

- The polls are not pretend to be exact and precise. Even the most qualified research may be mistaken in several percents. They are only supposing the tendencies which are showing any other researches as well.

- To what extent will be effective your candidate against the governmental one?

- Our candidate will not be an effective concurrent against governmental one if it will not be chosen by mutual agreement of all opposition parties. So we should to work under this question.

- The opposition  criticized the elections code and said that under the existing elections code here, to participate in elections for the opposition parties does not have a sense. However the opposition is going to take part in the local self-governance elections. What guaranties that the elections will be fair?

- The unity of opposition is the guaranty for this. From the very beginning we have had the different technique from the Republican Party. They said that it is necessary to improve the elections code and for this purpose they joined the NDI group. But we said that this will be accomplished with fiasco, and it was so. If we will manage to force the government to change the elections code, to enable the freedom of speech, to create the favorable elections environment, then for what should we change such government? We wish to change the government, because it does not make steps for reforms, because we have not the fair environment to oppose to the government. We should to know that with the government we will fight in unequal conditions. And we should to win the elections in unequal conditions. When we are in such unfair conditions we should be far stronger, not for one or two steps higher but for ten. For this we need to unite. The presidential elections were falsified in Tbilisi. But when we were for 10 points against one further, they could not turn the situation to the own favor, they simply diminished the difference. But they accepted that we win. As well now if we will be for the ten points higher then they are, whatsoever the falsification they will do, we will show the real result. But if we will be not as stronger, the government will falsify the results easily. So the solution is not an elections code, but the unity of the opposition.

- If the elections will be falsified again what will be  steps of the government?

- This depends upon the fact who will be the candidate from opposition. Some oppositionists are against any protest actions. At the time of protest actions they came and asked to us to cease  actions and to open the traffic. So, if such people will come, as candidates, it is clear that nothing will change. If Zviad Dzidziguri will be a candidate, then in case of falsification of  elections results, supposedly the large scale rallies will follow.


Rita Khavelashvili

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