Russia is about to return Georgian mineral water Borjomi to Russian market
 Tbilisi 13:01 - 16.08.11 GHN
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The return of Georgian mineral water ‘Borjomi' possibly happens according to the declarations of Russian Chief Sanitarian Genady Onishenko, GHN reports. The Russian Federal Service for the consumers rights ("Rospotreb Nadzor") stated that the negotiation for the supply of this mineral water is discussed now. At the same time the office will restrict the supply of this mineral water to Russian Federation over the Belarus which is performed with violations of agreements taken in the frames of the Customs Union.

For information, in April 2006 at the background of strained situation with Georgian Republic Genady Onishenko, the head of "Rospoterb Nadzor" banned Moldavian and Georgian vines, as well mineral waters ‘Borjomi' and ‘Nabeghlavi'.

Onishenko was complaining that the return of Georgian goods to the Russian market will be possible only after they will be up to the quality standards.

Now the control over the sanitarian norms in Russian Federation is performed by other body - the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

To be noted that the inadequate decisions of Gendy Onishenko in connection with different foreign goods were at the hub of scandals. The bans were not avoided for the Georgian and Moldova vines, they touches as well USA chickens (Onishenko said they were not up to the Russian sanitarian norms); Belarusian milk products; polish meat. The independent experts say such bans were groundless and were taken in view of political and economic considerations only.


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