Ramaz Chkhikvadze: nobody can say Sturua nothing ever did
 Tbilisi 15:21 - 23.08.11 «GHN»
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Ramaz Chkhikvadze, famous theatre actor responds to the dismissal of Robert Sturua, Art Director in the Rustaveli Dramatic Theatre. He said this fact is a shameful one and said that all world will laugh at such happening. It is astonishing that in the Georgian Culture there was no room for his grandiose art.
"Robert Sturua always was and has to be for a long time an Art Director in Rustaveli Dramatic Theatre... What happens? What that Rustaveli Theatre and the Art has to do with his words in connection of President and his nationality? What is the guilt for the Theatre in such case? The Theatre does not belong to one or to two people, it belongs to the nation. He said I would like if the President in Georgia would be Georgian, this nothing more! He does not say that he is against Armenians and he does not abused Armenians... The Art is the Art, the business is a business, the politics is a politics, it is quite different. One can discuss about the political considerations, is it right or not. But the Art has nothing to do with the politics, "- Ramaz Chkhikvadze said in his phone conversation with Russian media union.

He said that it is very sad fact that Sturua undergoes a terrible criticize. All his art works were criticized. They said that he ever nothing did. Who has the right to say this? Nobody will be misleaded with such false. He said seems like they need to be warned from London to stop talking such nonsense.

Chkhikvaze as well noted that he joins those young people at the Rustaveli Theatre protest action who demand the return of Robert Sturua to the Theatre. The different case would be if Sturua is disappointed with the work in the Rustaveli Theatre, but one cannot refuse to sign this demand. I am addressing to the Georgian people not to believe that Robert Sturua ever did nothing.

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