WikiLeaks: MIA head consulted diplomats in Abkhazian and S.O. policy
 Tbilisi 20:24 - 15.09.11 «GHN»
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WikiLeaks published in details meetings of USA officials with Vano Merabishvili, MIA Minster. For the several years diplomats were applying to him for advise on policy which would be conducted in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, GHN reports.
The "Caucasian Echo" informs that unlike other ministers, Merabishvili owned an information about the activity of de-facto leaders and this gives him a possibility to guess its future actions for several month ahead. At the beginning the USA diplomats trusted him, but later they doubted, as he was attached to the category of people having a serious influence over President and his surrounding.

In May of 2007 Merabishvili tried to persuade USA Ambassador that Sergey Bagapsh is not able to make a breakthrough in conflict regulation. He said Bagapsh will not make fundamental changes in his stereotypes in Georgian-Abkhazian relations. MIA Minster said that changes are impossible because of the "personal problems, which Bagapsh has".
Taft said that Merabishvili described Bagapsh as an ordinary ruler, of the "USSR epoch of Brejnev", who is dip in the typical soviet corruptive dealings in energy area. He said this will give Russians a hand to make additional influence over him.
Merabishvili persuaded USA diplomats that Bagapsh will not make "unpopular steps" he will not break traditions in Abkhazia to resist to Russian FSB, for instance in the Defense Ministry of de-facto Republic. Merabishvili as well said that Bagapsh has serious problems with his health; he is drunk every day and factually is declined from the ruling. His duty performs Anquab, vice-President.
During many years Merabishvili persuaded USA diplomats that one should not take it seriously what Bagapsh is talking about his visions about future of Abkhazia that he "sees Abkhazia as a part of Europe". In fact Abkhazian leader said this in private conversations with Western diplomats.


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