Orthodox Church celebrates St. Marys birthday
 Tbilisi 18:01 - 21.09.11 GHN
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Orthodox Christians mark the Day of Mother of God today. His Holiness, Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II conducted holly service at the Didube Virgin Mary Church today on occasion that the Orthodox Christians mark the Day of Mother of God today. Patriarch preached after the service about the significance of the day and about the problems of the youth.

`Let Holly Mother of God protect and defend our youth, who is facing many problems and many scales today and let the Mother of God give your youth heart reasonable and vision - spiritual to protect us from drug-addiction and other wrong doings. Let the Mother of God cover you and all Georgia with her hem, let the Mother of God return Abkhazia and Samachablo to us with her mercy,` His Holiness announced.

After the preachment, the Patriarch awarded several clergymen

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